Through Koksu Canyon
Adventure tours & travel in Uzbekistan. Trekking in Uzbekistan

Through Koksu Canyon Duration: 12 days, 11 nights
Kind of route: motor coach and trekking tour
Season: July - August
Accommodation: Double in tents and hotel
Tour itinerary: Tashkent - Pskem village - Ikhnachsay River - Koksu River - Ayryk gorge - Brichmulla village - Tashkent

This adventure tour in Uzbekistan is an example of a hosted package tour, consisting of mountain trekking and one-day hotel accommodation. In the following itinerary only the highlights are shown.
We invite you to take a fascinating trek along the Koksu river gorge in the central part of the Western Tien-Shan, 125 - 170 km from Tashkent. The wildness of the mountain gorge, spectacular steep cliffs 1.5 km high and a vast canyon make the traveller marvel at all that beauty.
In some parts, there is no path and guests must hike along the river bottom. The depth of the river at the end of Summer and the beginning of Autumn is 0.5 m. Hikers will cross the lakes along the way by rubber boats.

Participate in Eco Program!

Choosing the tour to Uzbekistan, you can also participate in the environmental program RespECO and support initiatives for Uzbekistan flora and fauna conservation.

Traveling through the ancient cities, you will visit the unique ecocenter «Jeiran», that is situated 40 km from the ancient Bukhara.

There you will be able to contribute to the protection of gazelles, Bukhara rams, markhors and other inhabitants of the mountains, deserts and steppes of Central Asia.   

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