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Travel to Zaamin National Park
Trekking and Eco tours in Uzbekistan

Travel to Zaamin National Park Duration: 1 day
Kind of route: auto / trekking
Season: April-September
Tour itinerary: Tashkent - Zaamin National Park - Tashkent

In 240 km from Tashkent, on northern slope of the western part of Pamir-Alai Turkestan ridge, Zaamin National park which has been created in 1976 is located. Here mountain ecosystems and juniper complexes are protected almost untouched by human-beings. The total area of reserved territory makes 31500 hectares. Absolute heights of a surface fluctuate from 1000 m-s to 4030 m-s (the peak of Shaukartau). Many single relic junipers have remained up to 2500 years old.

The fauna here is presented by hares, foxes, porcupines. There are wolves, wild boars, bears, a Turkestan lynx and sometimes a snow leopard. From rare birds there are some pairs of black storks nests, but it is full of chukars - stone partridges and their larger relatives mountain ulars (mountain turkeys). The only fish in the local rivers is Marinka.

On the pass Sufa the automobile line comes to the end at the well-known spring built in the form of a grotto with stone ladders and the arches. Its "burning" ice streams which are making the way directly through the walls and the ceiling (because of the high maintenance of calcium in water) have sweet taste of the cooled milk.

At the entrance to the National Park it is necessary to try "tandyr-kabob" - a firm dish of a local menu. In the basics of tandyr-kabob preparation way in Zaamine is mutton and … a juniper. Shovels, a fillet and interiors of a young lamb, after cutting, string on wooden skewers made of juniper branches. In the tandyr - an earthen hole - by the time coals from juniper fire wood already decay, continuing to exhale the well-known high-temperature heat. Cooks stack skewers over the furnace, sprinkle meat with salt and spices, then fill up a thick layer of fresh juniper needles from above, and densely cover several layers of a thick matter, at last having powdered the hole with the earth. In an hour mutton will be baked through, and will become impregnated at the same time with aroma of coals and needles. Because of this fact meat gets exclusive tenderness and incomparable taste.

During the tour around Zaamin National Park you will take pleasure in contemplation of the majestic nature and greatly enjoy the cleanest mountain air.

Participate in Eco Program!

Choosing the tour to Uzbekistan, you can also participate in the environmental program RespECO and support initiatives for Uzbekistan flora and fauna conservation.

Traveling through the ancient cities, you will visit the unique ecocenter «Jeiran», that is situated 40 km from the ancient Bukhara.

There you will be able to contribute to the protection of gazelles, Bukhara rams, markhors and other inhabitants of the mountains, deserts and steppes of Central Asia.   

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