Trekking and Eco tours in Uzbekistan
Hiking, horseback tours, camel trips and cycling in Uzbekistan has compiled a list of travel opportunities in Uzbekistan for soft adventure tours, trekking expeditions, horseback tours, camel trips and extreme tours in the mountains and deserts of Uzbekistan. Click on the tour name to view a detailed itinerary of the tour package.

Trekking tours

VAT Free Driving North-East out of Tashkent, splendid white mountain tops glitter under the blue skies - the Western flanks of the Tien-Shan. You will be heading towards high-mountain passes, alpine pastures, savage gorges and river rapids that are difficult to access and have been for years an attraction for travelers from all over the world.
Juniper woods, blossoming mountain meadows with slim Eremuruses, Cherry-plum and hawthorn, wild apple trees and mountain cherry, dog-rose, yellow ferules, tulips and blackberry bushes wind along the river banks.
Pulatkhan plateau, with its grandiose 1.5 kilometer ledge, plunges into the Tereklisay gorge. A wild place steeped in mystery, legends and folk beliefs.
The peaks of Karakush (3864 m), Aksham (3789 m), Babaytag (3555 m), and Big Chimgan (3309 m) appear intimidating and inviting.

  • The shrinking Aral Sea tour (4 days) new    >>>
  • Short trek to Paltau (1 day)    >>>
  • Hiking tour to the Urungach mountain lakes (1 day) >>>
  • Rainbow trout fishing tour (4 days)   >>>
  • Trekking tour on Koksu river (5 days) >>>
  • Mysterious Pulatkhan plateau (6 days) >>>
  • Travel to Zaamin National Park (1 day) >>>
  • Hiking to the mountain Patandazboshi (1 day)    >>>
  • To the source of the Pskem river (4 days) >>>
  • Around the Big Chimgan (7 days)   >>>
  • Through Koksu Canyon (12 days)   >>>
  • Trekking in the Fan Mountains (14-18 days). Combined tour Uzbekistan-Tajikistan    >>>

    Travel on the rivers, lakes, reservoirs and coastal areas of Uzbekistan

  • "Under Sail" - route along the shores of Aydarkoul Lake    >>>

    Tours of the deserts and steppes of Uzbekistan

  • Expedition across the endless land of the Sub-Aral area and the Ancient Khorezm    >>>
  • Aral Sea tour    >>>

  • Adventure tours
    Фотографии юртового лагеря
    Adventure tours
    Backcountry in Uzbekistan
    Adventure tours
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    Adventure tours
    Backcountry in Uzbekistan
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    Adventure tours

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