Expedition around Aral Sea
Extreme tour to Ustyurt plateau

The Autonomous Republic of Karakalpakstan, which occupies one third of Uzbekistan, has numerous tourist attractions, including very interesting places for sightseeing, archaeological sites and natural sanctuaries, as well as museums, bio-reserves, beautiful landscapes and the rich cultural heritage of the Karakalpaks.

Those who like extreme tourism will be fascinated by the Usturt Plateau and the Aral Sea coastline. The distinguishing features of the plateau include the unique shapes and patterns of the canyon walls that expose the area's geological history. The coastline crevices (cliffs) of Usturt for ages have stood against the waters of the Aral Sea. Its intricately carved surface creates vivid dawn and dusk lighting conditions, revealing a unique landscape that is of particular interest for landscape photographers.

After the visit to the Usturt Plateau, you will be able to reach the present shore of the Aral Sea, known as the site of the world's largest ecological disaster. However, the areas you will visit are located far from human settlements or any industrial sites, and therefore still retain the natural beauty of the steppe and sea shore.

This trip is designed for those who prefer extreme tourism, ecotourism and exotic landscape photography.
You will be led by a qualified guide who will demonstrate and explain the background of the rich history of the area, its nature, and the Aral Sea catastrophe.

Day 1
Arrival at the airport of Nukus (local flight). Breakfast and road trip to the Usturt Plateau. Arrival at the canyons of plateau. Lunch. Tour among the canyons. Transition to the Aral Sea shore. Camping and walking on the shoreline. Supper and overnight rest in tent camp. Total distance for the day: 450- 500 km.

Day 2
Breakfast. Tour along the shore line and canyons. Transition to the City of Mouynak. Lodging in guest house and supper.

Day 3
Breakfast. Tour to the ship graveyard and the Aral Sea museum. Lunch in guest house. Transition to the city of Nukus. Along the route - visit to the Mizdahkan archaeological complex, including the Mazlumkhan Sulu and Shamun Nabi mausoleums, a medieval caravansarai, and the Madrasa Khalfa Erezhep. After arrival in Nukus - lodging in hotel "Zhipek Zholy" (or "Nukus" or "Darbent"). Lunch in hotel or fish restaurant (upon travelers' choice).

Day 4
Breakfast in hotel. Visit to the famous I. V. Savitsky Art Museum, possessing the world's second largest collection of Russian avant-garde art, and the Karakalpak regional museum, showcasing unique exhibitions devoted to the area's natural environment, ethnography and culture. Lunch and departure to Khiva (or Tashkent, via evening flight on national airlines).

Important note!!!
  • Along the route from Nukus to Khiva (210 km) are located unique historical and archaeological sites and ancient fortresses located within the vicinity of the highway. The trip also includes supper, camel riding and an overnight rest in the yurt camp "Ayaz-Kala", located near the ruins of an ancient Ayaz-Kala, after which you will continue your trip to Khiva in the morning.
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    Тур на плато Устюрт и Аральское море
    Тур на плато Устюрт и Аральское море
    Тур на плато Устюрт и Аральское море
    Тур на плато Устюрт и Аральское море
    Тур на плато Устюрт и Аральское море
    Тур на плато Устюрт и Аральское море
    Тур на плато Устюрт и Аральское море
    Тур на плато Устюрт и Аральское море
    Тур на плато Устюрт и Аральское море
    Тур на плато Устюрт и Аральское море

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