National Arts and Crafts of Uzbekistan
Arts of Uzbekistan

The art culture of Uzbekistan is based on all the best achievements of the Uzbek people throughout history. National arts and crafts occupy a prominent place in the cultural heritage of Uzbekistan. In the Middle Ages, Uzbek arts developed in the context of the art of tracery, which had become prevalent.

The extensive national crafts and arts include engraving on copper, wood, and plaster-based material; jeweler's arts; carpet making; ceramics; ornamental embroidery, gold embroidery; decorative currying of tanned leather; silk spinning; making of decorative braids; inlaid works on musical instruments; painting on papier-mache; creation of decorative boxes for local tobacco; baskets, cradles, chests, and many other types. Throughout the centuries, the national Uzbek crafts and arts have both risen and declined, but the handing down of artistic traditions from one generation to the next has never stopped.

  • Silk production
  • Khan-Atlas
  • Turkmen Carpets
  • Uzbek Suzanne
  • Varnished Miniature
  • Uzbek Tubeteika
  • Blue Ceramics
  • Handmade goods of Andijan's artisans
  • Photography in Uzbekistan

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  • Pictures of Arts & Crafts
    Pictures of Arts & Crafts
    Pictures of Arts & Crafts
    Pictures of Arts & Crafts
    Pictures of Arts & Crafts
    Pictures of Arts & Crafts Pictures of Arts & Crafts Pictures of Arts & Crafts

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