Beer tasting in the beer production factory "AZIA" in Bukhara
Tasting of unfiltered beer as a part of your trip to Uzbekistan offers you a unique program of visiting a modern brewery, "AZIA", in Bukhara, an excursion and tasting of unfiltered beer with snacks and appetizers from the beer production company. The owner of the "AZIA" brewery is the Uzbek-German JV "Ziyobakhsh-Uni-Trading". The factory has the most modern technological equipment from Europe. One company - STEINECKER, which is part of the KRONES GROUP, has delivered all the equipment.

The STEINECKER Company has been in the business of manufacturing brewing equipment for 125 years and the advantage of this company is that they utilize modern and scientifically intensive technology. The process of manufacture is maximally automatedmeeting the demands of the highest international Standards of brewing, which you will witness during your excursion in the facility.

Currently, the brewery is producing 4 varieties of beer "AZIA - Pilsner", "AZIA - Premium", "AZIA - Light", and "AZIA non alcoholic beer", strictly observing the rules of Bavarian traditions of brewing and laws of beer purity.

The first product of this factory was brewed in April, 2003. Henceforth, the first bottles of the new lines, "AZIA -Pilsner" and "AZIA - Premium" were introduced.

The brewery factory "AZIA" is one of the leading beer producers in Uzbekistan.

Brewing processes:

Technological part of the brewing is divided into 5 parts:
  • peeling and crushing of the malt
  • boiling of wort from the malt, water and hops
  • fermentation of the wort with brewer's yeast in cylindrical tanks
  • yeast fermentation is sent for filtration and stabilization
  • cold filtration and sterile bottling.

    All technological stages of the brewing of AZIA beer are done according to German law for the purity of beer which states: nothing except malt, water, hops and yeast should be added while brewing real beer.
    Some breweries, at the stage of the preparation of wort, use an enzymatic preparation, but not "AZIA", as the usage of high-quality malt allows for the preparation of quality wort without additives (sugar, maltose syrup, vitamin additives, enzymes). Good water quality guarantees a balanced soft beer taste. Hop bitterness is selected to meet the strictest demands of customers.

    An excursion to the workshops of the brewery AZIA and unfiltered beer tasting with appetizers arranged by the brewery - all this costs only of US$ 10 per person.

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