Dear Visitor! has an honor to announce that since June 2010, in a partnership with Uzbektourism – Uzbekistan National Tourism Organization, we are deeply involved in a process of creating of national brand of Uzbekistan.

Building a destination brand requires answers to the following questions on behalf of potential travelers and we request you to kindly contribute with your valued answers.

Uzbekistan – emerging tourism destination in Central Asia and on the Great Silk Road

  - What are the main things You like about this destination?
  - What sort of place is it?
  - How does it make You feel?
  - How would You describe Your feelings in one sentence?
  - What makes it different from all other destinations?
What is it all about?
The brand is a destination’s DNA. It defines the destination and should run through everything the destination does. It inherently answers the following implicit questions in the potential visitor’s mind:
  • What kind of place is it?
  • What makes it different from everywhere else?
  • Will I like it?
  • How it will make me feel?

Identifying what makes a destination different and distinctive is the first step in putting it on the World tourism map. In short, when destination gets it right, it is the way in which people describe the destination to those who have been there – a clear, succinct summary of its personality, which makes it stand out as somewhere worth visiting.

The ultimate aim of a destination brand is to ensure that people’s experience of the destination – from the minute they are exposed to the destination’s marketing material right up to their return home – is a positive one that encourages them to buy a holiday and return home as an advocate of the destination. It does this by enticing people with a marketing promise about what they will experience in the destination; and it guides the way in which the destinations is presented to visitors when they get there – from immigration officials to hoteliers and guides. The visitor experience in the destination must match the expectations generated by the marketing: the delivery of the visitor experience and the marketing must both be “brand-compliant” – meaning that they should reinforce the essence of the brand in visitors’ eyes, or, at the very least, not contradict it.

Thank you in advance for participation and contribution. Creative Group

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