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Komil Bukhara Address: 40, Barakiyon Str., Bukhara city
Distance to:  City center: 0,5 km      Airport: 5 km    Train station: 15 km

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Author: Amanda W     From: Gainesville, Florida Added: 6 February 2015
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: October 2014

Great Except for Plumbing Issue

This place is charming. We enjoyed the staff, the location and the feel of the place. We stayed in one of the newer rooms, which was nice, but on the last night, something happened with the plumbing. It was the worst smell we had ever smelled -- like rotten eggs. I'm sure the staff would have resolved it had we called, so it's our fault we didn't alert them to it (it was late at night and we didn't feel like moving since we were leaving the next morning early). Anyway, it wouldn't prevent me from staying there again, but I think I'd try staying in one of the older rooms, just for the experience of staying in an old place.
Author: InkOttawa     From: Ottawa Added: 30 January 2015
Rate: 5    Stayed here on: January 2015

Great Service, Great Location, Charming B&B

The Komil Hotel in Bukhara is conveniently located in the middle of the old city, within walking distance of all sites. The owner and management are all friendly and helpful, and can arrange all sorts of guided tours and day trips. The old part of the hotel contains a gorgeous dining room with 18th century d?cor, while the newer part has warm and spacious rooms with heated bathroom floors. Make sure you partake of the breakfast, which is included in the cost and which will keep you going well into the afternoon. We stayed at a number of different hotels in Uzbekistan, all of which were well located, clean, warm and spacious, but the Komil was by far the best due to its "traveller vibe" and particularly helpful staff.
Author: jehu_sitges     From: Dubai, United Arab Emirates Added: 3 January 2015
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: December 2014


Komil is a restored 19th century family home, just back from Lyabi Hauz. It allows you move around and visit the Old City by foot. Rooms are arranged around a beautiful courtyard with decorative pillars. Discounts available in winter, we paid 58$/night for a suite double room breakfast included. Attentive service. Clean. Breakfast is good, very complete. Recommended.
Author: Matt S     From: Added: 19 December 2014
Rate: 5    Stayed here on: August 2014

Fantastic location in the streets central Bukhara

We guided ourselves to this hotel, with a great reception and friendly atmosphere.
Close location to the old city of Bukhara, with trade domes just 2 mins away. Where you get met by traders selling anything from hats to scarf's etc.

Local food to be eaten close by as was most of the attractions of central Bukhara.
Would certainly stay here again.
Author: ski_krieger     From: Providence, Rhode Island Added: 6 December 2014
Rate: 5    Stayed here on: November 2014

Superb service

Amazing service in a fantastic, beautiful building. Dining room is exceptionally attractive, the enchanting plaster work was done in the 19th century. Great access to Bukhara's old town, a 2 minute walk from the 3rd trade dome(money-changer's bazaar). Yuldus and Behruz will take good care of you!
Author: Alwaysonthearoad     From: New York Added: 17 November 2014
Rate: 5    Stayed here on: October 2014

Comfortable, excellent location, good value and traditional atmosphere

Comfortable room (I had one of the older ones; they have added new rooms.) Excellent breakfast in memorable historical room. (Building once belonged to a Jewish merchant.) Helpful staff and manager who gave me particularly good information on where to buy a carpet. Located in old city; historic center can be reached by going about 100 meters from hotel along one straight street (not common for the old city!) to one of the bazaars and then a simple right turn. Good group of fellow travelers who sought out this place. Well priced for what they offer. Makes you feel what a traditional Bokharan house was like.
Author: Vazil     From: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Added: 12 October 2014
Rate: 5    Stayed here on: October 2014

Quaint, quiet and clean

Located within easy walking distance of all the sites of Bukhara, the Komil hotel delivers a superior product in an excellent package. From the well executed preservation and update of the structure to the great service and cleanliness, it is a wonderful place to stay in Bukhara. The bed was super comfortable.
Author: sstj     From: St. John, Virgin Islands Added: 9 October 2014
Rate: 3    Stayed here on: October 2014

More like a hostel than "boutique" hotel.

I would love to give this 4 stars since it really is a charming unique place in a great location with an excellent staff. Breakfast room is truly fascinating...a step back into Uzbek history.
BUT, rooms are shabby. Torn rugs, stiff small gray (once white) towels, bathtub couldn't be used, no amenities, vacuum & other asst junk left out in lobby area. We felt like we were staying in a hostel, not a boutique hotel.
Would love to see a some money put into this little inn to upgrade it a bit.
Then it truly would be The Place to stay in Bukhara, but prices would go up & the clientele would change.
Author: Charlie H     From: N/A Added: 14 September 2014
Rate: 5    Stayed here on: August 2014


Came back again as loved it. They really made every effort to make you feel appreciated. Room was great and the hotel is beautiful. Pancakes at breakfast delicious. Walking distance of everything and in centre of old town. Only improvement could have been a kettle in the room.
Author: rkkit     From: Helsinki, Finland Added: 13 September 2014
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: August 2014

A great place to stay

The B&B location is great smapck in the middle (OK, some minutes) of old Bukhara. The personnel is helpful and even made room in the lobby for my motorcycle.

The rooms are good - for some reason I stayed in the 'junior suite' facing the street but no, it was not noisy at all. In spite of the 'traditional' look and decoration, the room offers everything one needs. Breakfast is OK but takes some time as everything is prepared at request.

This time I did not have dinner but from what I remember from two years ago, it was good, local fare as they promise. The dining room is a must-see.

On the downside, wi-fi reception in my room was patchy, only worked at the desk. The wash basin took a while to drain and I noticed, while looking for something that I had dropped, that the cleaning under the beds had not been done for a while. -But then, I did not intend to sleep under the bed.
Author: MaartenMike     From: Utrecht, The Netherlands Added: 11 June 2014
Rate: 5    Stayed here on: May 2014

Your home in Bukhara

When you enter this small hotel located just inside the old city, you have the feeling that you're entering someones home. In addition, the location is absolutely perfect: it is just a five minute walk to the center of the old city and far enough to enjoy some peace and quiet. The staff is very friendly and speaks good English. It is a joy to come home here after a day of sightseeing! Just beyond the tastefully decorated lobby is a nice courtyard with tables and chairs, where you can just sit, relax, drink something and enjoy a book. Although we didn't eat in the hotel, we were told that the food is excellent. We would have liked to stay in one of the original rooms, but we were placed in one of the newer rooms. Maybe a little less charming than the original rooms, our room was also pleasant, roomy and clean. The bathroom was good. The hotel offers complimentary wifi (slow). Breakfast is served in a very charming breakfast room, but the breakfast itself was not memorable. Highly recommended!
Author: on_the_road1998     From: San Francisco, California Added: 9 June 2014
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: May 2014

Charming small hotel

This small, charming hotel was perfect for us. The rooms are full of character and the beds were very comfortable. The bathroom was 3-star, so don't expect luxury, but it was much like bathrooms you find in most 3 and 4 star hotels in Uzbekistan. The 19th century dining room, which is only partially restored so you can get the feeling of the original, is breathtaking. The location of this hotel in a quiet old section of the city couldn't have been better, just a five minute walk to the center of everything. Finally, the staff and Komil were so eager to help. Uzbekistan has among the friendliest people we've encountered in our 30 years of traveling, which makes the entire country a joy to visit, and this hotel matched up to that standard. By the way, laundry prices are reasonable at this hotel, so if you are traveling for a while it is a good "laundry stop."
Author: Yulia     From: Россия Added: 27 May 2014
Rate: 5    Stayed here on: May 2014

Уютный отель в духе старинного дома бухарского купца рядом с основными достопримечательностями. Комфортный номер со всеми удобствами, горячей водой. Несмотря на старинные стены, звукоизоляция отличная, в номере через стенку от столовой мы ничего не слышали по утрам. Хозяева и персонал - отзывчивые, доброжелательные люди. Скромный, но по-домашнему вкусный завтрак. В Бухаре этот отель - лучший! Уверены. Советуем!
Author: Alberto     From: Россия Added: 25 May 2014
Rate: 3    Stayed here on: May 2014

Хорошее место, рядом с историческим центров. приятные работники, в том числе вменяемый хозяин. хороший дворик, уютный. давали чай. но с местными угощениями (халва, казинаки, крупный сахар) плоховато. вроде для туристов отель, но интерьером вся его туристичность ограничена.

два дня были перебои с горячей водой. что-то там не работало. мы-то в принципе, к этому привычные. а вот немецкие туристы там скандалили вовсю. также проблемы были с wifi, работал очень плохо. ну и в некоторых комнатах были дырки между оконными рамами и стенами, поэтому вечерами дуло не по-деццки. так что в след. раз в другой отель поеду.
Author: Igor     From: Латвия Added: 13 May 2014
Rate: 5    Stayed here on: May 2014

Уютный антикварный отель с очень доброжелательным персоналом.

Медленный интернет, как впрочем во всем Узбекистане. Более, чем скромный завтрак.
Author: Nargiz     From: Казахстан Added: 24 March 2014
Rate: 5    Stayed here on: март 2014

больше всего мне понравилось обстановка в отеле, то как оно оформлено в таком тематическом стиле:номера, гостиная где завтракали. персонал очень любезный. расположение отеля недалеко от всех досьопримечательств. если еще раз приеду обязательно остановлюсь снова у вас. через 2 дня друзья тоже прибыли в Бухару и я их отправила к вам)))
Мы были только 2 дня.. и эти 2 дня был одинаковый завтрак. хотелось бы немного разнообразия в меню завтрака))))
Author: Вера     From: Россия Added: 12 March 2014
Rate: 5    Stayed here on: март 2014

Великий город, прекрасный народ! Отзывчивый, дружелюбный персонал. Прекрасное месторасположение, аутентичный отель!
Author: Юрий     From: Россия Added: 11 March 2014
Rate: 5    Stayed here on: март 2014

Доброжелательный персонал, стараются помочь с любой просьбой. Удачное месторасположение, тихая улочка недалеко от всех красот старой Бухары. Вкусные завтраки. В целом - очень приличный отель, только с wifi доработать нужно, чтобы в номерах был хороший приём сигнала.

Странный набор каналов в телевизоре - был во время олимпиады - практически ничего увидеть не удалось, только по узбекскому каналу Спорт. И неважное качество WiFi - хочется, чтобы он работал не только вблизи стойки ресепшен.
Author: Anna     From: Novosibirsk, Россия Added: 16 January 2014
Rate: 5    Stayed here on: January 2014

Роскошное оформление внутренней части отеля (особенно столовая 19 века). Прекрасное местоположение (200 метров до Ляби Хауза). Хорошие завтраки, есть много дополнительных услуг (массаж, заказ ужина, услуги гида, в летнее время можно заказать экскурсию в пустыню).

Для меня существенный минус в плане гигиены и удобства: установленная вместо душевой кабины ванная; серые полотенца. Очень медленно работает интернет.
Author: Egor K     From: Новосибирск, Россия Added: 10 January 2014
Rate: 5    Stayed here on: March 2013

Аутентичный отель

Замечательный, сделанный со вкусом отель. Расположен на тихой улочке, примыкающей к историческому центру города. Очень вежливый и внимательный персонал. Помогут найти хорошего гида по городу: меня сопровождал Фируз - начитанный, грамотный и интересный гид.
Author: Andrey     From: Lesnoy Gorodok Moscow Region, Россия Added: 8 January 2014
Rate: 5    Stayed here on: January 2013

В этот отель стоит приехать только ради одной прекрасной старинной старобухарской гостиной, полностью сохраненной без всякой реставрации с начала прошлого века!к сожалению, в номерах слаб вай-фай
Author: Anastasiia     From: Самара, Россия Added: 16 December 2013
Rate: 5    Stayed here on: December 2013

Прекрасный отель, потрясающе оформлен. В номере было очень чисто и тепло (отдыхали в декабре). Персонал очень доброжелательный. Отдельное спасибо бабушке, которая нам готовила завтраки и плов, вкуснее ни чего на свете не ела!!!! Рядом с отелем старый город-музей VI века( в двух шагах).
Author: Elena     From: Челябинск, Россия Added: 5 November 2013
Rate: 5    Stayed here on: November 2013

Прекрасный отель с услужливым персоналом, очень чистый и уютный. Завтраки проходят в зале 19 века. Выполняли все наши просьбы бесприкословно и оперативно. Немного непривычной была простота внешнего убранства гостиницы, но внутри было все прямо по-царски.
Author: MrandMrsKirbs     From: Northampton, United Kingdom Added: 30 October 2013
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: November 2012

Comfortable hotel with character

This was a lovely hotel which seemed fairly recently renovated and so featured very nice comfortable rooms, but without losing it's old world character. The hosts were very helpful and breakfast was good. Location was excellent, just a short walk from Lyabi Hauz and the Taki Sarrafon Bazaar.
Author:     From: Added: 17 September 2013
Rate: 5    Stayed here on:

Author: игорь     From: россия Added: 17 September 2013
Rate:     Stayed here on: September 2013


Класная гостиница и хозяин очень хороший человек , чувствуешь себя как дома
Author: capuchin0     From: Алматы, Казахстан Added: 25 March 2013
Rate: 5    Stayed here on: March 2013

Настоящее историческое сокровище

Отель находится в самом центре старого города, недалеко от Ляби хауз (2 минуты ходьбы)
Безумно приятный, добродушный и остроумный персонал.
Встречал наш сам хозяин отвеля - Комиль. Гостиницу открыли его родители и назвали в честь него, т.к. он единственный сын в семье.
Изюминка гостиницы- столовая 1 века сохранившаяся в первозданном виде без реставрации (!). Дед Комиля купил дом у еврейского часовщика, он был весьма зажиточным и богато украсил дом.
Цены в отеле очень приемлимые.
Author: Ekaterina     From: Moscow Added: 7 June 2012
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: May 2012

Very nice place with a charming 19-century dining room. The staff is warm and helpful, we came to the hotel at 6 in the morning, and they allowed us to check in with no extra price. The beds are comfortable, shower is ok for a guest house.
Author: Ekaterina     From: Moscow Added: 4 June 2012
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: May 2012

Very nice place with a charming 19-century dining room. The staff is warm and helpful, we came to the hotel at 6 in the morning, and they allowed us to check in with no extra price. The beds are comfortable, shower is ok for a guest house.
Author: Ekaterina     From: Moscow Added: 4 June 2012
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: May 2012

Very nice place with a charming 19-century dining room. The staff is warm and helpful, we came to the hotel at 6 in the morning, and they allowed us to check in with no extra price. The beds are comfortable, shower is ok for a guest house.
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