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Work with the "Lik" Theater of Movement

From November, 2006 has been a regular sponsor of the show "Improvisation on the theme of life" at the "Lik" Theater of Movement.

"Improvisation on the theme of life"

Dance show including professional artists and young people with disabilities.

A re-birth of peoples' spirit begins when they find something to believe in.

It is impossible to describe the show to someone who hasn't seen it in person, how those with disabilities can dance, not always being able to follow choreographed movements, due to their condition.

Regardless, those with disabilities are able, through the artistic display of their feelings and movements, to express their true possibilities.

The "Lik" Theater of Movement is a creative team of modern choreography, whose mission is the enlightenment and growth of feelings of sensitivity and compassion through the production of shows, with the help of professional actors, children and adults with serious physical and mental difficulties dance.

The production occurs in the form of a dance "lesson", in which all participants do plastic, rhythmic, and improvisational movements. However, from these general movements emerge personality portraits and dialogues, showing the beauty and uniqueness of the soul of every person, regardless of his social status or physical condition.

In the show participate young people on crutches, children with physical and mental problems, and those with visual, hearing, and growth issues. The professional actors of the troupe assist them in the activities.

At the show, you are able to experience living, deep art and support the activities of this unique theater.

Improvisation on the theme of life

Length of show: 1 hour, 15 min
Premiere was held in June, 2006

Project was created with the help of:

    Consulate of Germany in Uzbekistan Consulate of Switzerland in Uzbekistan Russian Drama Theater Academy of Uzbekistan National Youth Theater
The troupe of the theater thanks all those who in 2006 helped us in our work:

GUVD of Tashkent, "Taiden Plus", "Oksus Service",, OOO "Rimkhaet", A-Club, OOO "Kholos", Uzdavarkhitekturilish, and others.

And similarly, our partners: the non-profit organizations "Kridi" and "Umidvorlik".

The Theater of Movement is in need of a general Sponsor!!!

tel.: +99890 108 80 54
Art Director of the Theater of Movement - Lilia Sevastyanova

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