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Daily in the world surrounding us there are some events which anyway concern us. Somewhere on other end of the earth there are earthquakes and the flooding terrifying us by the destructions and human victims, but, as a rule, because of long distances it doesn't sink into our hearts so deeply that it would make us rush to assistance.

But there are cases when our participation can really help the real and alive little person who has got into a trouble. So this occurred in our Company.

In the beginning of December to us, addressed the director of sponsored school №52 for children with learning disabilities. One of schoolgirls of the above mentioned school has appeared to be in a difficult situation and, as it was found out later, situation under hatches.

Allow us to present: Lolita Mustafaeva. In her 10 years the girl has suffered much hardship: she was born without the father, for this reason her mother was turned out by relatives. Young mother with the newborn child has lodged at her friend's house, went to work, and when the girl was only one and a half year old, was tragically lost in the accident. The woman at whose house lived the mother with the daughter, has decided to leave the girl, but has not issued necessary documents. And one month later Lolita's foster mother died from heavy illness. The girl was left alone. And, the most terrible thing was that there were no documents proving her identity at all.

The administration of the school and volunteer group "A Child…A Smile" decided to help the girl with documents. But first, the girl needed simple things. Such as underwear or the bus ticket to get to the school.

Together, employees of volunteered to render the feasible help: someone has brought things of the suitable size from the house; other one has allocated the small sum from the budget. When the money was collected we went to the market and bought all the necessary things: underwear, some pairs of stockings, a white blouse and a pullover for school, socks and gloves.

Also some sum has been transferred to Lolita's temporal trustees to pay the fare to go to school.

Lolita was the most elegant one at the Angel Program which was held on December, 19th in the Intercontinental Hotel Tashkent!

At present, all Lolita's documents retrieved, and the girl is in a children' home.

20.12.2010 г.

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