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If travel is an absolute necessity for you, find out why people are flying smarter... flying business charter!

For the first time in Uzbekistan, and Samarkand Airways have created an exclusive product: business aviation services, operating with the Yak-40 aircraft. The appearance of this product is not unintentional there is currently a real demand for it on the market.

Located in heart of Central Asia and operating around the clock, Samarkand Airways, with its base at the Tashkent International Airport is the most convenient and centrally located arrival and departure point for destinations in all of Asia and beyond.

We recognize that traveling by business jet saves time, enhances flexibility and increases productivity, and we offer a full range of services to complement this overall purpose.

The decision to travel by executive Business Jet is often the winning factor in successful missions abroad.

Travel plans can be made to match business schedules, rather than the other way around. As well as the comfort factor and enhanced security, travel by business jet ensures that passengers arrive at their destination relaxed and ready for business.

For your convenience, all business passengers are to be served in CIP and VIP halls only. It is a great help when you pass through passport and customs controls. No tussle, no hassle.

The Yak-40 has three rear engines, which make it even safer. It was developed to operate in widely varied geographical and weather conditions ranging from the tropics to the arctic conditions of northern Siberia, and was extremely popular amongst the airlines of the Eastern Block. For the last 10 years, most of them have been widely used as business jets among all the CIS countries. This is the main craft for businessmen and state officials during their trips on short-range routes. Statistics show that Yak-40 is one of the safest aircraft in the air. They meet the most rigid requirements for air transportation. There are also special technical services provided. Even if there are no commercial flights every 15 days, the aircraft is required to make a test flight. The results of these test flights are evaluated by a special commission which decides aircraft serviceability.

- Cruising speed 510 km/h;
- Maximum range 1200 km;
- Number of seats 11-18 pax.

Each seat is equipped with a folding table for two people and an easy reach bar with a sliding door. Above the tables are individual reading lamps, located in the overhead panel. The right side of the airplane is outfitted with a couch for three passengers.

All individual guest seats are equipped with a folding table, individual lighting and ventilation system, and headphones with an active noise abatement system.

The passenger cabin of the Yak-40 aircraft is divided into several functional zones - a VIP passenger cabin, a cabin for accompanying persons, and a lavatory service unit combined with a luggage compartment. Partition walls separate each functional zone, and the wave-shaped crew compartment partition also accommodates a multimedia center.

Customized catering for your flight is available upon request. On-board catering and beverages can be served, along with light or proper meals. Please call us prior to your flight to arrange your catering needs. We pay attention to every detail of your culinary preferences. You can select anything from vegan to religious cuisine.

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