Avenue Park entertainment hotel complex  
Avenue Park entertainment hotel complex

Avenue Park entertainment hotel complex Address: Ugam Chatkalsky National Park, Lake Charvak, Yusupkhana village

The total territory of the entertainment hotel complex "Avenue Park" makes up 30 000 sq.m. The hotel complex has 42 rooms out of which 36 are Standard and 6 rooms are of de luxe class.

The rooms are for two persons. Each Standard room is equipped with a shower cabin and Charcot's douche, with furniture including soft sofas and armchairs, a TV set with space television and an individual balcony.

Deluxe class rooms have an additional room with upholstered furniture, with one more TV set, a refrigerator and a balcony.

On the third floor of the hotel complex there is a restaurant with summer verandah.

In addition to the main hotel building there are also three fully furnished cottages for four persons each.

There are two swimming pools on the territory of "Avenue Park": a big one for adults and a small one for children. Both swimming pools have filtration, heating and lighting systems. There are bars both at the hotel complex and next to the swimming pools.

There is a Club with cinema, conference hall, bar and discotheque. The guests can comfortably leave their cars at the parking lot.

The room price includes breakfast, use of sports equipment, attendance of the swimming pools and discotheque. The entertainment hotel complex "Avenue Park" is club type complex, which means that only hotel guests can have access to the territory.

The staff of the complex will do everything possible to make your stay at "Avenue Park" unforgettable and impressive.
The complex works all the year round.

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