The CIP hall of Tashkent Airport

The CIP hall (Commercial Important Person) is an ultra comfortable hall for arrival and departure of passengers from all airlines operating at Tashkent International Airport.

The CIP hall is located on the left wing of the first floor and on the right wing of the second floor of the International passenger terminal of the main airport building. It has a separate entrance.

Vehicle parking at the airport costs 2000 sum per hour.

After arrival at Tashkent International Airport, passengers using the facilities of the CIP hall are invited upon exiting the aircraft. They are then greeted at the boarding area. The airport expediter will take any luggage labels from the passenger if they are carrying baggage. As soon as all guests of CIP Tashkent Airport hall arrive at the meeting area, the whole group, accompanied by the airport expediter, transfers to the CIP hall by private bus.

Leaving the airport on one's own is strictly forbidden!

Guests must pass through passport control by themselves, before entering the CIP hall. There, passport control officials may ask to search hand luggage with a scanning device. If passengers have anything to declare, such as foreign currency (even a small amount), they must fill out a declaration form.

Alcoholic beverages and extra meals are available in the CIP hall bar at additional cost. hall does not accept credit cards. Baggage is delivered and handed to passengers personally.

The fee for delivery of baggage to vehicle is included in the cost of CIP hall usage.

Fee for arrival through CIP hall is:
  • US$ 160 (in case if the additional services (hotel, transportation, etc.) are ordered via;
  • US$ 180 (in case if no additional services are ordered via

    Seeing off of passengers through the CIP hall of Tashkent Airport

    To depart from Tashkent International Airport, passengers arrive at the airport by their own means. Once through the border and customs offices and inspection procedures, they proceed to the waiting room, and then are invited to board via separate exit.

    The following facilities are offered to passengers in the CIP hall:

    - Easy transfer through customs, immigration and passport control offices;
    - Registration of flight tickets and baggage;
    - Comfortable settings for short waits in the hall, which is fully equipped with luxurious furniture and TV. Passengers are offered the finest beverage and buffet services;
    - Transportation of passengers on private bus. Porter services for hand luggage if necessary.

    Fee for departure through the CIP hall is:
  • US$ 160 (in case if the additional services (hotel, transportation, etc.) are ordered via;
  • US$ 180 (in case if no additional services are ordered via

    Note: in the Tashkent airport a business class ticket does not include a meeting through CIP-hall, however the seeing-off through CIP-hall is included in a ticket price.

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