Terms of participation in the program RespECO

1. Your contribution to the support of RespECO is transferred to Oriental Express CA Ltd. that transfers your donated funds as sponsorship to the checking account of the ecocenter in the national currency sum at the exchange rate of Central Bank on the payment date.
2. If the contribution amount to the support of RespECO is $30 or more, the fee for a visit to the ecocenter won’t be charged.
3. In the case of tour cancellation financial contribution to the support of RespECO isn’t refunded.
4. After the transfer of funds the selected program of RespECO support can’t be changed.
5. In the case of the changes in the chosen program of RespECO support that don’t depend on us the funds will be redirected to the support of the other program at the discretion of the administration of the ecocenter.
6. The administration of the ecocenter provides the nominal certificate of gratitude for the contribution to RespECO support.
7. Photos and descriptions may not coincide with reality.