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Fellow traveler Dear travelers, adventurers, freedom admirers, individualists and thrill-seekers!

You are an individual or a company of friends and you would like to visit a remote and amazing country but your budget is quite limited or you just don't want to spend money for the thing you would prefer to refuse of?! What to do in this case?

You have a way: to find a fellow traveler and share with him (or with them) expenses related to accommodation, transfer car rent, guide services as well as enjoy together fun and joy of new discoveries and carefree existing. has honor to offer you such service.

To let our team chose a fellow traveler for you it is needed to fill out the application form:

Traveler's application form:

 First name:
 Last name:
 Passport details: series №
 Date of issue:
 Date of expiration:
 Place of legal residence: (city, country)
 E-mail (ICQ, Skype):
 Where would you like to travel? (route in details)
 Date of trip:
 Purpose of trip:
 Type of transportation:
 Where do you plan to stay?
 Cost of trip (approximately):
 Quantity of your travel mates:
 Travel mates status:
 Personal information (briefly):
 How many travelers should be in a group?
 What kind of travel-fellows you prefer (their age, gender, interests, etc...)?
 Enter the number that appears in the picture:  

Notice: We can offer You to join to a group with fixed dates. For details click here >>>

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