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Location: 1B, Djambul Str., Kergeli district, Ferghana
Description: The guesthouse is situated in a makhalya (private sector) of a Fergana suburb. The Akbarovs have been living in this house since 1990. During this period the house has become considerably larger. Today the house consists of two separate parts, with a combined bathroom and lavatory each part of the house.

At the present moment, four members of the family are living in the house. There are Takhir-aka, the householder, his wife Aisha-opa (by the way she is very famous for her cooking) and two children - a son and a daughter.

The cozy patio is great for relaxing on tapchan (a place to rest and eat). A huge persimmon tree whose fruits ripen in September or October gives shade and cool.

Two Single and two Double rooms are offered at guests' service. There is also a big hall where about 10 people can be accommodated. But there are no sofas or armchairs, so you will be offered to lie down on "kurpachas" - traditional mattresses used by many peoples of Central Asia.

Lunch or dinner consists of Uzbek or European dishes (at your choice) which can be offered by the housewife.

Number of rooms: 2 Single and 2 Double rooms
House services: Parking Touch-tone Phone Local TV Bath Kitchen
Rates: Price for living is 18 US$ per tourist including breakfast

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