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Uzbekistan is an unique region and has become one of the most attractive places in the world for heli-skiing and snowboarding on virgin snow. Many factors make heliskiing in Uzbekistan unforgettable and wonderful. As enthusiasts of Free-Riding believe, for this type of activity the mountains of the Western Tien-Shan, situated only one-hour drive from the capital of Uzbekistan - Tashkent, have an exclusively favorable combination of snow pack quality, terrain and climate conditions.

Free-Ride in Uzbekistan is one of the youngest but fastest developing types of recreation. The resort area in the mountainous region has become the center of such recreation, and for its picturesque landscapes it has been named "Uzbek Switzerland". This region represents the vast territory within the Ugam-Chatkal National park, whose unique nature characteristics are well known in the world. On the territory of the park itself, and adjoining areas located on the territories of neighboring states, a trans-boundary project on the preservation of biodiversity has been implemented. The project is sponsored by the Global Ecological Fund, European Union and the World Bank.

Heliski in Uzbekistan. Free-Ride in Uzbekistan

Thanks to the efforts of the country's government, this part of the country has become a center of active tourism. Over the last few years there have appeared resort complexes with modern hotels, cozy cottages, sport entertainment structures, swimming pools, bars and restaurants. For the snowboarders and alpine skiers, there have been built chair-lifts and ski-lifts. For those who fancy free riding, helicopter pads have been built.

Heliski in Uzbekistan. Free-Ride in UzbekistanThe most popular are the three resorts situated in the environs of the picturesque Charvak reservoir: Charvak Oromgohi, Chimgan Oromgohi and Beldersay Oromgohi. In translation from Uzbek the word "oromgoh" means "making healthier". And this word was not used accidentally - the purpose of all three resorts is to use the healthy mountain climate for health rehabilitation and good recreation.

The Charvak resort is situated at an altitude of 890 meters above sea level, on the shore of a large artificial lake. Its capacity is two billion cubic meters of water and it is fed by rapid mountain rivers: the Chatkal, Pskem and Koksu.

The resort has three comfortable hotels, visually resembling pyramids lining a sandy beach. The complex has restaurants, night clubs, saunas, a massage parlor, discotheque, conference-hall and business center. Thus it enables the guests to combine rest with business. Communication with the outside world is provided by an Internet and telephone network. The resort Charvak Oromgohi resort is one possible accommodation variant for free riders.

Days Program
1 day Arrival in Tashkent. Accommodation in hotel 4*. After lunch transfer to "Charvak Oromgokhi" ("Pyramids") complex (1,5 - 2 hrs). Accommodation. Rest and acclimatization. After dinner a safety measures briefing upon the tour carrying out. Heliski.
2 day Heliskiing, high-mountain descends in the regions on slopes of different steep, difficulty and length.
3 day
4 day
5 day
6-7 day Reserve days for the case of bad weather.
7 day Transfer to Tashkent to the dinner, final banquet. Free time (night bars, discotheques) up to night transfer to airport.
8 day Transfer to airport. Departure

The Standard daily schedule
08:00 Getting up
08:30 Breakfast
09:00 Gathering at the helipad
09:30 Departure towards heliskiing region
10:00 - 13:00 Heliskiing
13:00 - 14:00 Lunch and rest
14:00 - 16:00 Continue heliskiing
16:30 Return to the hotel. Rest
19:00 Dinner
20:00 Rest (bar, discotheque, billiards)

The cost of the program: 3090 US$ per person.

The average temperature in January at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level is only minus 2 - minus 4 degrees Celsius. The daytime temperature seldom falls to minus 15 degrees. By mid-December most of precipitation has already fallen and starting from mid-January there is a stable two-meter-deep snow blanket. At the same time the wonderful weather, with 4-5 sunny days per week, sets in.

It should be added that the crystal-clear air of this region is exceptional. Special research in the central part of the mountain area - in the neighborhood of the Big Chimgan peak, has proven the clarity of its atmosphere to be the best for astronomical observations. This exceptional air transparency is used by many citizens of the Uzbek capital for getting a chocolate-brown sun tan while skiing in trunks and bathing suits.

The environment of Big Chimgan also attracts people with its peculiar energy. Many people from all over the world come here to meditate. Here, like nowhere else, one can feel the closeness of outer space, as well as the harmony of nature and man.

The deep snow blanket, the diversity of the mountain slopes, and the possibility of choosing the most optimal slope in terms of its steepness and length, make the Western Tien-Shan especially attractive. Skiing and snowboarding on virgin snow is usually done from an elevation of 4100 meters to 1500 meters above sea level. The experienced heliski guides choose for the riders peaks, ranges and spurs usually not accessible to ordinary skiers.

To the starting point of the descent, riders are flown by a helicopter by pilots with the highest qualifications. Within one day, the riders can manage to make 4 - 5 runs down the virgin snow. Thus, the total vertical length of the ride can be 5-7 km. "MI-8" helicopters are used to bring the riders to the top of the slope. This type of helicopter can take aboard 24 passengers including three members of the crew, two guides and one avalanche expert. The number of riders in the group should not exceed 18 persons, with the optimum number being 15.

The most popular among riders is the highest peak of this mountain area - Big Chimgan, which is 3309 meters above sea level. From its granite crest, the majestic panorama of the whole "Uzbek Switzerland" opens up. In the west comes into view the outlines of the megapolis - Tashkent.

Heliski in Uzbekistan. Free-Ride in Uzbekistan The Karjantau mountain range rises in the north-west. Next to it, a little bit to the right, the Ugam mountain range towers up its crowns. In the north-west can be clearly seen the wave-like folds of the Pskem mountain range. Between these two mountain ranges runs the favorite place of free riders - the Maidantal range.

Far to the south-east through the haze come into sight the peaks of the Chatcal mountain range. Big Chimgan itself is part of this range. And last, in the south-west, one can see dressed in snow the stone waves of the Kuramin range. In the center of this vast mountainous country lies a real turquoise gem - the non-freezing artificial lake which is often called the Charvak Sea. Its mirrored surface is 40 square km. The Charvak Oromgohi resort is situated on the southern shore of the lake.

At the foothills of Big Chimgan one can catch sight of hotels, cottages, and a number of buses. This is the Chimgan Oromgohi resort. A six-kilometer route ski descent leads to the resort.

Heliski in Uzbekistan. Free-Ride in Uzbekistan

Then comes the most exiting moment. Pushing off with your ski poles you swoop down on the untouched snow to experience the incomparable feeling of free riding. The rustle of sliding skis on the fluffy snow breaks the peace and quiet of the wild environment; cool mountain air caresses your face, flushed from excitement.

Every time you find yourselves at the foothill of the mountain you feel the irresistible desire to repeat the descent. And it will not be a problem, because at your service is your untiring assistant - the helicopter.

The slopes of the Pskem valley, which is one of the biggest and most picturesque in "Uzbek Switzerland" are capable of satisfying the ambitious aspirations of adrenalin hunters. First of all these are the descents down the Padir and Kaptarkumish peaks, which rise high to the skies, up to more than three and a half thousands meters. No less exiting is the skiing in the mountain valleys.

One of the itineraries provides skiers and snowboarders the opportunity to slide down onto the ice surface of the exotic mountain lake Ikhnach-kul, which was formed many centuries ago as the result of a river blocked by an avalanche of mountain rocks. At present the length of the lake is 700 meters, whereas its width is 350 meters. In wintertime pink granite rocks are reflected on the ice cover of the lake. All along the shores there are dark green pyramidal juniper trees - the main attraction of Uzbekistan's mountains. Separate juniper trees, like mountaineers, climb the rocks and look very attractive against a background of dark-blue sky.

Heliski in Uzbekistan. Free-Ride in Uzbekistan

Another route makes a descent which finishes in a valley covered with shrubs and trees. Decorated with fluffy snow, they look solemn and unusually beautiful. The magic muse and charm of nature's winter repose make you think you are in a spell-bound forest. The mystery of the surroundings is emphasized by a chain of footprints of unknown beasts.

And, of course, you will be deeply impressed by the rapid descent on the surface of ice rivers - the Tekesh and Eastern Ayutor glaciers of the Maidantal range.

No less fascinating is the descent from the Davan range in the Chatkal mountains. The length of this route, which finishes on the highland Angren plateau, is 8 kilometers. For the free-ride veteran it presents no difficulty, but less experienced riders will certainly have the experience of a lifetime.

Those who have decided for the first time to descend from the mountain peaks on the virgin snow pack of the Western Tien-Shan will be escorted by experienced guides, ready to share with the beginner all the peculiarities and secrets of free riding. To ensure the safety of your tour they have a reliable communication line, transportation means, necessary medical equipment and medicines.

In the mountains, as is well known, the biggest danger is avalanche. In mind of this risk, travelers are recommended to carry special transmitters, avalanche shovels and probes. If you do not have such gear of your own, the necessary equipment will be provided to you on site. All those who set out on a journey to the mountains are strongly advised to use sun protection cream and sunglasses, gloves and suitable head-dress. And don't forget to take your camera with you in order to capture the unforgettable moments of your encounter with the wild environment.

There is no need to worry about food. Every member of the Heli-Ski tourist group will have the opportunity to taste exquisite Uzbek dishes, and to enjoy the eastern hospitality of the Uzbek people. Those who have special dietary needs will not be ignored. It is only necessary to inform the tour operator well before the tour.

The duration of the Heli-Ski tour is 8 days. And every day you will feel comfortable and have a great experience. You may be sure that later your mind will flash back to the picturesque mountains of Western Tien-Shan and you will dream of coming back here again and again.

Besides the travelers have an opportunity to make excursions about the ancient cities of Uzbekistan - Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand which exotic and color will not leave indifferent anybody of those who will have luck to visit them!

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