Hotels in Charvak
The list of the best Charvak hotels and resorts. The best options to stay in the Charvak mountain resort area

After swimming in the pure and warm water of a mountain lake and getting a tan, you can always relax in the comfortable and air-conditioned rooms of the deluxe mountain hotels and resorts on the shores of beautiful Lake Charvak with magnificent mountains around or in a dacha in a very quiet place not far from Charvak lake.

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Avenue Park entertainment hotel complex  
Ugam Chatkalsky National Park, Lake Charvak, Yusupkhana village   map
Single room: from 43.8 $
Double room: from 65.6 $
Reviews: 8 Rating: 0.0 Hits yesterday: 88 Book now! View Details
Charos DeLuxe Resort & Spa Entertainment Hotel complex  
Ugam Chatkalsky National Park, Lake Charvak, Yusupkhana village
Single room: from 94.0 $
Double room: from 141.1 $
Reviews: 0 Rating: 0.0 Hits yesterday: 53 Book now! View Details
"Three Pyramids" Hotel (Charvak Oromgohi)  
Ugam Chatkalsky National Park, Lake Charvak
Single room: from 60.2 $
Double room: from 75.2 $
Reviews: 15 Rating: 0.0 Hits yesterday: 69 Book now! View Details
Crocus Park resort  
Lake Charvak; 2,6 km away from the "Pyramids" in the direction of Yusupkhana
Single room: from 209.0 $
Double room: from 383.1 $
Reviews: 2 Rating: 1.0 Hits yesterday: 88 Book now! View Details
Chatcal Mountains riverside resort  
Ugam-Chatcal National Park
Single room: from 390 $
Double room: from 480 $
Reviews: 1 Rating: 0.0 Hits yesterday: 97 Book now! View Details
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