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A unique jazz ensemble in Tashkent, playing Dixieland (New Orleans style) jazz, and also Swing, Blues, Classic Jazz, Ballad, Bop, Boogie Woogie, Beat, Rock and Roll, Latino Jazz, Jazz Rock, and Funky Rock.
The ensemble was created in 1997 from the best jazz musicians in Uzbekistan.
It consists of:

1. Pipe, Flugelhorn - Habirhanov A.S.
2. Trombone - Kurnitskij V.S.
3. Saxophone - Alto, Flute - Staryh A.L.
4. Saxophone - Baritone, Clarinet - Mukhamedov.
5. Percussion Instruments - Agdasiev S.R.
6. Guitar rhythm - Solo - Fuksman I., Ponasochenko V.
7. Bass - Guitar - Chebotok A.
8. Keyboard Instruments, Piano - Dvorin V., Seradze G.

The head of the ensemble, Khabirkhanov, A.S., who created the jazz orchestra named after B. Zakirov in 1993, has organized "INTER", being basically the kernel of an orchestra, and took part, already in a new structure, in various projects both local and international.

Thus, a concert took place in 1993, together with the US embassy, featuring leading jazz saxophonist Bob Berg. 1994 - participation in the festival "we play jazz".
1999 - "Improvisation in a jazz key" evening devoted to the 100th anniversary of the birthday of Duke Ellington.
2004 - Participant of the 1st international jazz festival in memory of Vyacheslav Firsova.
2003-2005 - employee of the prestigious JAZZ CLUB.

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Our contacts:
Moscow: +7 (495) 108-04-32
Tashkent: (+998 71) 200-96-00
Fax: (+998 71) 230-96-55
Address: 142/1, Mukimiy str., Tashkent
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