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Orient Star Khiva Address: 1, Pahlavan Makhmud Str., Khiva city

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Author: Владимир З     From: Нижний Новгород, Россия Added: 29 April 2015
Rate: 3    Stayed here on: February 2015


Отель расположен в старом городе недалеко от ворот в здании бывшего медресе, сохранён восточный колорит здания, номера расположены в бывших кельях, конечно переделанных в соответствии с современными требованиями.
Номера не особо просторные и достаточно прохладные, что летом несомненно является приятным плюсом. Для любителей истории и восточного колорита отель несомненная находка, настолько глубокого погружения в историю и восточную древность сложно разыскать))
Author: Fillini_N     From: Тюмень, Россия Added: 9 April 2015
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: April 2015


Понравилось, честно! Вообще, в Хиве будто проваливаешься на несколько сотен лет назад, а когда еще и останавливаешься в таком отеле ощущаешь "полное погружение". Из минусов: скудноват завтрак и немного холодно из-за щелей в дверях. Из плюсов: великолепное месторасположение, приемлемая цена, удобная кровать, чисто, красиво. Не замерзли, конечно, но и до абсолютно комфортной температуры не дотягивало, несмотря на работающий на "тепло" кондиционер. В более теплое время года, думаю, идеально. Я бы порекомендовала, даже просто для того чтобы ощутить как жили в медресе и "перенестись" на много лет назад!
Author: Ираида П     From: Added: 5 November 2014
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: October 2014

Отель в 150-летнем медресе

Расположен возле главных ворот в древний город. Т.к.были в конце туристического сезона, людей в отеле почти не было и нам любезно предоставил молодой человек на ресепшене люксовые номера. Все скромно в этих бывших кельях. Удивило, что в таком холодном климате зимой (бывает у них и -30) балконные двери тонкие, из них сифонило. Горячую воду нужно ждать минут 15. Спасибо персоналу за электропечи, иначе мы бы замерзли, кондиционер не способен обогревать такие площади в номерах. Завтраки нормальные. Город впечатлил, обязательно берите гида, экскурсия займет 4-5 часов, а потом можно просто побродить по улочкам, купить аутентичные товары - шелковые ковры, сюзане, резные деревянные шкатулки, подставки, их цены делить пополам, торговаться до последнего!
Author: Tiffany_me     From: Тель-Авив, Израиль Added: 7 January 2014
Rate: 5    Stayed here on: April 2013

Отель в древнем медресе

Гостиница переделана из огромного медресе - учебного заведения. У входа - один из символов Хивы - гигантский минарет, отделанный синей майоликой. Номера просторные, хоть и бывшие кельи. Удивительная архитектура - даже без кондиционера в комнате градусов на 7 холоднее, чем на улице! Завтрак вкусный, хотя и не очень обильный.
Отель расположен внутри стен Старого Города, вся местная экзотика начинается прямо за порогом.
Author: Wombat999     From: Chicago,Illinois Added: 12 November 2014
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: October 2014

Perfect Choice!

This converted Madrassa is an interesting hotel, rooms have no windows but lighting and d?cor make this a very quaint atmosphere. Shower was great, older tv, beds were comfortable. Meals were ok (oily Uzbek fare not my favorite) Rooms on the first floor are best, stairs to 2nd floor rooms very steep and hard to manage with bags.
Author: chris h     From: Melbourne, Australia Added: 27 October 2014
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: October 2014

exciting experience in the old city

Central to everything and historic as other reviews here mention. Food was good but not great.
If you are staying in this old city stay at this madrassah to get the vibe. It won't rate in your best 100 hotels for "rooms" and "service" but will probably be up there for atmosphere
Author: bradyboy2     From: florida Added: 26 October 2014
Rate: 3    Stayed here on: October 2014

A charming experience

This small historic hotel is in a former Madrassa and has a certain charm about it.
The rooms have no windows but are well lit and cheerful.
The shower worked well and the beds were comfortable.
The TV's are very old but the picture was ok
Food was very basic and not very good.
The staff were friendly.
If you are on thec second floor you need to climb up a narrow winding staircase so make sure you are agile enough
Author: Retired_Miami     From: Miami, Florida Added: 18 October 2014
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: October 2014

A WOW Of A Place To Stay

Very cool historic place in Khiva. Second floor rooms are a little difficult to climb up the narrow staircase with low ceilings. Water was turned off in the middle of the night, so if you wake up with stomach problems, you will not be able to flush or shower off. The food is the restaurant was typical food that could cause recurring stomach problems. If I return to Khva, I would stay again in this historic property.
Author: Helen N     From: Adelaide, Australia Added: 8 October 2014
Rate: 3    Stayed here on: September 2014

A Madrassa converted into a hotel

This interesting place was converted into a hotel six years ago. It was used as a madras in its previous life. A charming looking building but not very practical.
We were on the second level so had to negotiate a very narrow and extremely low circular stairwell with deep steps. the circular stair well we used had a hand rail but there was another one we accidentally used and this had no hand rail. This was problematic as we would invariably hit our heads or collide with the white walls and left white marks on our clothes.
The rooms are small but they all had their own bathrooms, there was no window so one had to keep the door open for some day light. There was ventilation but it was up high so we generally used the air conditioner that worked well and was quiet.
The beds were not as comfortable as they could have been.
The breakfasts were not in the same building but one next door and only ok.
The location of this hotel was excellent with the beautiful Kalta Minar minaret on the corner so one could not lose oneself in this old city.
The old city is absolutely charming and very clean with lots to see,
The wifi when it worked was in the cafe area outside or in the restaurant.
I would recommend this hotel because of its location rather than comfort.
It is an interesting experience staying here.
Author: UkRubes     From: UK Added: 9 October 2014
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: September 2014

Wonderful location

Simple rooms and not the most practical of staircases (very steep and narrow), but that aside a truly special magical place to stay with bags of character and history. Try and get a room at the front overlooking the fort...
And good breakfasts too!
Author: KahChin     From: Singapore, Singapore Added: 12 October 2014
Rate: 3    Stayed here on: October 2014

Exotic, great location but nothing else

Given the lack of decent hotels in Khiva, this is probably the best you can find. It is an old madrassa converted now to a main stream hotel for package tourists - which is why there are a few catch, the hotel is not built as a hotel. WIFI is non-existent within the hotel premise but only available at the hotel restaurant next door. The rooms are charming and decent but it is far from clean, the toilet doesnt work properly, the hot water shower was just not hot (and it was very cold in Khiva) and there were 2 silver fishes found at the pillows. The rooms can be a bit stuffy, at least the A/C was working. The stairs are extremely steep and narrow with beams across that one will need to watch out. The hotel staff was clearly struggling to cope with the sheer number of tourists they had when I was there, hence service was not ideal but they try to be nice, gracious, helpful and friendly. The hotel food is average, all in all, just average.
Author: arwamamaji     From: Mumbai (Bombay), India Added: 24 June 2014
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: June 2014

Location Location Location

This is a very interesting hotel, an old medrasaa converted to a hotel. The highlight was our room. For the price of a regular room we managed to get a suite (since it was low season),with a balcony which opened up to the Kalta Minor minaret. You could touch the tower from the window.

The downside is that there is no room service so if you forget to ask some questions at the front desk and if you are comfortably perched in your balcony, you have to trek down to get a beer or water. But since we were out of the rom at most time, this did not really bother us.

Also compared to the other hotels in Khiva, this one is a bit more expensive. But since we managed a very fancy room we did not mind the price.
Author: nomad2212     From: London Added: 12 September 2014
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: May 2014

Hotel with character

The hotel is situated in the former madrassa which explains the small(ish) and dark rooms, narrow stairs and long corridors. You certainly don't pay for luxury here - the rooms are very simple and furnished only with necessary items. All rooms open to the gangway that overlooks the inner courtyard. Breakfast is served in an imposing room in a different building. There is a caf? on the steps of the madrassa.

The four stars are for the location and the atmosphere. The hotel is in the middle of the historical Ichon Qala, the walled medieval city, close to all the historical sites. Just in front of the hotel there is the beautiful blue tiled Kalta Minar. Do climb the Islam Khoja Minaret, the views over the city are worth it. I would also recommend an early morning walk on the mud walls of the city (there are stairs to the top of the wall not far from the hotel). At that time the city is still empty and you can soak up the atmosphere undisturbed.

I enjoyed staying in this hotel and would recommend it.
Author: Stratt0n     From: London Added: 18 September 2014
Rate: 3    Stayed here on: September 2014

Great setting but not practical

The hotel is in a wonderfully historic building with a fantastic location. The rooms are former madrassa cells. This makes the rooms have a certain charm but also a certain impracticality as they effectively no windows and no ventilation.

The hotel has nowhere to spend any time when not in bed - neither in communal areas nor in the room which was a shame.

The staff were friendly but the management has clearly told them to provide no tourist information that does not financially benefit the hotel. Taxis, tours and even drinks are considerably more expensive than the tourist office over the road and they won't help with any information beyond their tours/taxis.

And the number of times I hit my head on the various staircases and door frames ...
Author: Lotte     From: Germany Added: 11 January 2013
Rate: 3    Stayed here on: September 2011

nice... but

I stayed there 2011 for one night. The atmosphere inside the building is unique. The breakfast was very nice. It didn't matter so much that the shower didn't work well. It was extreme disagreeable that the hotel director asked us to pay in the evening and came to our room.
Author: Madinadubai     From: Dubai, United Arab Emirates Added: 12 April 2012
Rate: 3    Stayed here on: April 2012

OK for one night

The hotel located in the inner city of Khiva-Ichankala. All the hotels located in Ichankala have equal great location when all the sights are accessible within few minutes walk.

The hotel was a university in the past. The interior is very unique and remained simple as it used to be. The room is spacious because it has additional room for extra-bed or luggage( though it doesn't have window). The bedroom itself is clean and has a tiny window.

Bathroom is basic, but quite clean.

The biggest minus was the bath towels, bed sheets and pilows. They all are horrible! The towels look like someone was wiping the floor with them- extremely tired condition. The bed sheets and duvet also looked tired. Moreover, the size is smaller then usual, so you have to deside which part of your body has to be covered (same with the blanket).

I was truly disgusted when I saw a pillow case- the surface of both pillow cases ( where you place your head) was covered with huge yellow stain, like someone was sleeping on it with oily head... To avoid this experience, you have to come to this hotel with complete set of towels and linens.

Overall, the staff is nice, the hotel is good. If they could invest a bit in some details- would be great. In the meantime- average.
Author: Magassouba     From: Tashkent, Uzbekistan Added: 5 November 2011
Rate: 5    Stayed here on: November 2011


Staying at the Hotel Orient Star Khiva just adds to the experience of visiting Khiva. There is something special about staying in an old medrassah. The rooms are basic, as might be expected, but still nice and clean. The staff was very nice. And the location couldn't be better. It was a special experience to wake up in the morning and look at the sun rising on Khiva. I would definitely stay here again and recommend this place to others.
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