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Malika Khievak Address: 10, Islam Khodja Str., Khiva city
Reference point: Ensemble Islam-Khodja

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Author: evk1959     From: Россия Added: 1 May 2015
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: April 2015

В самом сердце Хорезма

В Хиве три гостиницы "Малика", и ночью таксист нас привез в "Малика Хива" , где нас не ждали и ворота были заперты . Достучавшись до охраны , нам позволили переночевать , не обратив внимание , что в ваучере другая Малика . Окна выходили на пыльную площадь , за которой виднелся Ичан-Кала . Утром нашли свой отель " Малика Хейвак" в самом центре Ичан-Калы и поселились в угловой номер на первом этаже , одно окно которого выходило на самый высокий минарет Хивы -минарет Ислам Ходжа . Вид изумительный : уходящий в небо минарет , опоясанный сверкающими полосами облицовок из глазурированных узоров голубых , синих и бирюзовых цветов и на обрамляющее маленькую площадь медресе того же Ислама Ходжа , которого убили по приказу хана Исфандияра за его просвещенность. Второе окно выходило на могилки местных просветителей XIX-XX веков и на Мавзолей Пахлаван Махмуда ( хивинского поэта XIII века) с красивым куполом , крытым глазурированной плиткой и украшенным позолоченной верхушкой . В номере с улицы был слышен говор прохожих на узбекском , что добавляло некоторого колорита к скромному интерьеру комнаты с резными деревянными решетками на окнах . Как важен вид из окна отеля , где тебе предстоит прожить пусть даже три дня . С сантехникой проблем не было : горячая , холодная вода . Персонал предупредительный . Завтраки скромные , но если пораньше встать , то можно попробовать горячую только что из тандыра самсу . Отличный ресторан , особенно днем , когда в полуденный зной возлежишь под навесами из ткани на топчанах и пробуешь прелести хорезмской кухни : гумме ( маленькие пирожки с мясом ,как чебуреки), пиво Sarbast , салат зеленый, плов , шувит оши (зеленая лапша из укропа и еще какой-то зелени), зеленый чай. А вечером в обеденном зале можно выпить узбекского сухого вина и попробовать манты с бараниной или тыквой . Правда , в ресторане вечером присутствует и местный народ с со своими дамами и активно пьет водку . Все достопримечательности рядом , а вечером на одной из стен Ичан-Калы можно посмотреть черно-белый фильм "Тахир и Зухра" на узбекском языке . Три дня , прожитые в "Малика Хейвак" , были лучшими днями из десятидневного путешествия по Узбекистану .
Author: pinkhog     From: Sydney, Australia Added: 26 November 2014
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: September 2014

A good choice in Khiva

Malika Kheivak is not a luxury hotel but I'm not sure there are any in Khiva. Considering what is available and most importantly the location, Malika Kheivak is an excellent choice. It is inside the old town walls and so everything is nearby. It is great if you need to go back and use the toilet while you're exploring the town! The hotel is slightly more expensive than the beautiful boutique B&Bs in Bukhara for example, but that is simply because of the lack of choice in Khiva. We had an upstairs room with a view and I'd recommend it. The room itself was very simple but was clean and comfortable enough.The large divans in the hotel restaurant in the courtyard is perfect for a beer and a decent meal. There is wifi too although the connection is hardly available from the room. The only thing that let the hotel down was the breakfast. The dining room is a bit dark and depressing and there were flies about. Otherwise a good option in Khiva.
Author: jcrane66     From: Prague, Czech Republic Added: 5 November 2014
Rate: 3    Stayed here on: October 2014

A rustic feel just outside the city walls

We really enjoyed our stay at this hotel. The bathrooms were clean and modern - and the beds were just fine. Our room looked out on the "unfinished minaret" and the city walls. The breakfast was "ok" - but very much in line with what you find everywhere else in Uzbekistan. A cavernous, faceless breakfast room with rather uninteresting options. The staff were very helpful. WIFI worked only in the common area of the hotel. The one problem we had with the hotel was that there are a lot of dogs in the area that had an incredible super-power and could bark non-stop all night long....
Author: oropolitics     From: Siliguri, India Added: 5 November 2014
Rate: 5    Stayed here on: October 2014

In the heart of Khiva

The hotel is located inside the Ichan Kala, the inner walled town of Khiva, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The accommodation provided was very satisfactory, the only snag being the location of the car parking at the rear of the hotel,necessitating a bit of luggage-humping. This minor glitch pales into insignificance against the advantage of the location, in the heart of a charming Arabian Nights sort of a medieval town. The true ambience of Khiva can be savored after dusk, when you can wander down the strange ill-lit streets in perfect safety.
My bedroom on the ground floor was large and the bed comfortable, and the bathroom very neat and clean. Breakfast was OK. The hotel menu is in English and the cooking is good. You can change money at the reception counter.
Author: Prufreck     From: Hadlow, United Kingdom Added: 26 October 2014
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: October 2014

The best choice in Khiva

I had a look at some of the other B/B's and hotels while here and this is the best choice. The Orient Star is the town's showpiece hotel, helped hugely by the fact it is located in a historic caravanserai, however the rooms are pretty basic and the wifi doesn't work. Malika Khievak, on the other hand, is a small purpose-built hotel in a great location with very comfortable rooms. And the wifi works in the room, which was handy on what turned out to be a miserably cold day in October! Breakfast was a bit ordinary - they could improve this I'm sure...
Author: RedHeadPeter     From: London, England Added: 24 October 2014
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: September 2014

Stunning location, good hotel

Now you might want to argue that Khiva is kind-of the Disneyland of the Silk Road. All pretty and well kept on the main street that goes from the East gate to the West Gate but bearing no more relation to Uzbekistan outside the walls than does Disneyland to downtown Los Angeles.
However - if you are going there then the Malika Kheivak is in an awesome location just steps away from that main street and with a huge minaret right out the back. My room on the First Floor (ie upstairs) was spacious with a huge terrace outside - the wi-fi signal was weak in the room but fine on the terrace. All nicely furnished with a decent bathroom etc.
I can't say the breakfast was memorable, but in all my travels in Central Asia I don't recall a single memorable breakfast. You go to the Bazaars and there is masses of fruit - why do the hotels not serve it at breakfast?
Very popular with tour groups for obvious reasons so book early - and definitely worth staying. One amazing guy on reception who seems to work 24 hours a day.
Author: H-Family-Travels     From: Baku, Azerbaijan Added: 20 October 2014
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: October 2014

A gem in the heart of Khiva

A wonderful small hotel in the heart of Khiva, within the walled city. We had a family room which comprised two bedrooms and a bathroom, ideal for the our family (2 adults,2 children). Rooms were spacious and clean. Staff were wonderfully helpful. Average buffet breakfast, reasonable restaurant for dinner including lovely traditional outside dining area.
Author: YaminaA A     From: Goes, The Netherlands Added: 15 October 2014
Rate: 3    Stayed here on: August 2014

Very nice location

This hotel is in the old city, wich is an nice location.
When you travel with your own car it is hard to find so just let the receptionist pick you up
Rooms are simpel but ok.
The have wifi and the staff is friendly.
Author: Виктор Т     From: Санкт-Петербург, Россия Added: 12 November 2014
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: October 2014

Удачный вариант, но с особенностями

1. Как подчеркивают все участники, отличное местоположение. Это так. Самый-самый центр всех достопримечательностей.
2. Внешне скромный, однако внутри вполне современный.
3. Просторные номера.
4. Дружелюбный персонал.

1. Очень слабый вай-фай. Об этом, конечно, предупреждают, но все-таки.
2. Не принимают оплату картами.
3. Скудные завтраки.

Как резюме: отель хороший, но своей цены явно не оправдывает. В Узбекистане есть заметно более хорошие гостиницы.
Author: spdim     From: Серпухов Added: 12 November 2014
Rate: 5    Stayed here on: October 2014

нам понравилось

были две ночи.
расположение - супер, прямо внутри ИчанКалы
понравился вид из окна.
хороший ресторан.
завтрак средненький, но для Узбекистана - нормально.
ВайФай ползал худо-бедно.
Пиво принесли теплое - но это не проблема, попросил заменить на холодное ))
номера огромные
к постели и белью вопросов не было
Author: Vasily_SPb     From: Санкт-Петербург, Россия Added: 5 November 2014
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: October 2014

Хороший отель расположенный в самом историческом центре Хивы

Хороший отель расположенный в самом историческом центре Хивы. Отличное расположение, так как все достопримечательности в 3-5 минутах ходьбы от отела. Вежливый и предупредительный персонал, но на ужин не хватает официантов (он там всего один). Номера очень просторные. Из минусов: В номере нет холодильника, а он бы не помешал. WiFi только на ресепшн. завтрак несколько скудноват Резюмируя - отель хороший, но цена завышена
Author: Андрей П     From: Москва, Россия Added: 23 August 2014
Rate: 3    Stayed here on: August 2014

Центр города и цена-качество

Отель хоть и скромный (я бы дал три звездочки от силы), но вполне соответствует соотношению цена-качество. Номер просторный, обслуживание на хорошем уровне. Интернет, хоть и слабенький, но есть. Главное достоинство - самый центр. Все вблизи, вышел - и ты около всех достопримечательностей. Завтрак скромноват, никаких излишеств. Российских каналов практически нет.
Author: NastyaA     From: Москва, Россия Added: 26 May 2014
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: April 2014

Хороший отель в центре Хивы

Отель удобно расположен в центре Хивы, посреди достопримечательностей.
Оформлен в традиционном стиле, имеет достаточно просторные номера со всеми удобствами (ванная, кондиционер, телевизор и т д). Там же можно заказать экскурсии и купить сувениры. Всть уютный ресторан во дворе, каждый столик закрыт тентом, что очень удобно в жаркую погоду, еда вкусная, но по узбекским меркам дороже среднего.
Очень предупредительный персонал, готовый выполнить любую просьбу, кроме скидки на стоимость проживания:)
Все очень цивилизованно, заметили много иностранцев (в основном французов) среди постояльцев.
Author: Ouranoupoli     From: Added: 28 August 2014
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: August 2014

Small hotel in old town

I stayed here for two nights. It's a small hotel in the centre of old town with modern decoration concerning the rooms and traditional concerning lobby and outdoor cafe-restaurant . The staff is helpful and polite and the restaurant provides a big selection of dishes from pizza to kebab.
Author: Kara_X_I     From: London, United Kingdom Added: 29 August 2014
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: August 2014

Quiet B&B in the Heart of the Old Town

In Khiva, we enjoyed three restful nights at Malika Kheivak. The staff were friendly and helpful and spoke very good English. The room was spotless, comfortable and quiet (surprising for its central location in between the Juma Mosque and Islam Khoja Madrassa). There is free, decent WIFI. There is also a small shop selling Suzani, silk scarves, crocheted slippers and other Uzbek souvenirs.

We booked a twin room for three nights. The room had two double beds, a single bed in a separate room and a private bathroom with good hot water. Both bedrooms were air conditioned. There was plenty of wardrobe space.

The breakfast was good – eggs, cheese, fruit, gummo (potato pastries), bread and a mountain of sweet breads and pastries (though they may have been especially for the Italian group that was staying), all washed down with green tea. Getting a coffee was more of a challenge. When it was available, it was served too hot and tasted scalded – stick with the tea, it’s more authentic, anyway. There is also a restaurant attached, which serves lunch and dinner.
Author: koolman3     From: Leeds, United Kingdom Added: 12 September 2014
Rate: 5    Stayed here on: August 2014

Great place to stay

This the Malika Kheivak hotel inside the old city (and not the Malika-Khiva hotel which is just outside the old city perimeter). Its a medium sized semi-traditional hotel based amongst the historic monuments with very friendly and helpful staff. The main guy at the reception speaks good English and will go to lengths to help out. The bedrooms are simple, clean and spacious with functional AC and mainly of wood construction. Bathroom is adequate with a over-bath shower. Note that Kiva water seems to taste of iron (not the hotel's fault, I guess). So always have bottled water handy to brush your teeth. Wi-fi works in the lobby and around corridors/balconies but is weak and lacking in upstair bedrooms. Also it kept going down in the evening whilst we were there and the receptionist had to restart the system. Breakfast was acceptable but not much choice. Things kept running out and were not replaced until staff were asked. Watch out for rugs in lobby and corridors over laminate flooring - these can be slippery and dangerous. The garden outside has a number of tables and 'char-poys' (?) which can be used for tea, dinner or just to relax. However, this area gets very busy in the evening. It seems they dont have enough staff to server dinner and there can be long waits.
Author: juliobsas     From: Buenos Aires, Argentina Added: 9 July 2014
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: June 2014

Reasonably good hotel in Khiva

Small hotel located in old Kihva, close to all main sights. The rooms were ok, but A/C did not work very well, which it's a problem if you are travelling in June. The staff was very friendly and helpful, they spoke a good English. The restaurant was quite good, one of the best I tried in Uzbekistan, which is clearly not famous for its food. The wireless worked ok.
Author: NastyaA     From: Москва, Россия Added: 26 May 2014
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: April 2014

Хороший отель в центре Хивы

Отель удобно расположен в центре Хивы, посреди достопримечательностей.
Оформлен в традиционном стиле, имеет достаточно просторные номера со всеми удобствами (ванная, кондиционер, телевизор и т д). Там же можно заказать экскурсии и купить сувениры. Всть уютный ресторан во дворе, каждый столик закрыт тентом, что очень удобно в жаркую погоду, еда вкусная, но по узбекским меркам дороже среднего.
Очень предупредительный персонал, готовый выполнить любую просьбу, кроме скидки на стоимость проживания:)
Все очень цивилизованно, заметили много иностранцев (в основном французов) среди постояльцев.
Author: tsms1     From: Arad, Israel Added: 11 June 2014
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: May 2014

very nice and ideall location

This review is for the hotel inside the walled city (there are two hotels with the same name - one is inside the walled city and one just outside the walls). ideally located in the center of the old city.
the hotel has a traditional style restaurant in its compound, with good service. We liked the Tap-Chan sitting style, very much. the room was very clean and spacious. the view from the window is great.
Author: Mamed_Askerov     From: Tashkent, Uzbekistan Added: 15 May 2014
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: September 2013

Good location

Considering that the hotel is inside a historical old fortress, it's the place to stay at. You exit the hotel and you are in the heart of Ichan-Kala, fortress that had seen the good and bad days of the Khoresm khanate for many centuries. Explore shops inside the old town, wander around, try local food (which is actually very good at hotel's outdoor terrace).
Author: addictivepsycho     From: York, United Kingdom Added: 9 May 2014
Rate: 3    Stayed here on: April 2014

A Good Choice, but room for improvement.

A nice hotel, and as many have said, ideally located for exploring this historic city. We arrived very late after a long flight from Moscow, and oddly our room didn't appear to be ready (this was at 23:30), and was hurridly prepared when we arrived, which was fine as it only took about 15mins - However it appeared that the bathroom had not been properly cleaned, and a bottle of bleach had been left on the bathtub by the cleaner - but I guess we all make mistakes! The beds were pretty dire to be honest, pretty flimsy and you can feel most of the mattress springs - certainly time for a new set of mattresses i think. It was nice to have a flat screen tv though, and the shower seemed hot with ok pressure throughout our stay.

I strongly recommend good earplugs as the hotel is made predominantly of wood and cladding, so every sound is echoed quite badly, especially people climbing stairs and shutting/locking the wooden doors. That said, it is a very quiet area at night, so if you have considerate neighbours, it's fine.

The staff are all very good, the receptionist on the front desk spoke excellent english and did a very good rate of exchange for Uzbek som, and was apologetic when I had to request him to ask some Russians who had just arrived to stop their children screaming and running about shouting and laughing for half an hour at 1am - not the hotel's fault, just some ignorant guests, but you usually get some everywhere!

Breakfast was a bit minimal and coffee is instant. The restaurant though serves relatively good food, and it's nice to sit on the benches outside to have tea or lunch. The hotel does a lot of catering for tour groups and we found one day we couldn't eat there (well - we could only have what appeared to be being served to the tour group!) - I suppose if they only have a small kitchen it's understandable, but with Uzbekistan gaining in popularity as a tourist destination, the hotel chain will need to up its game going forward to cater for all, not just lucrative tour groups.

Wifi was free, and generally worked well - it seemed to be down on our last night though.

As has been said previously - ideally located, everything is walkable within about 10mins max. Khiva is very small, and the 2 days we spent there allowed us more than enough time to see everything.

Overall a nice stay, just needs some work doing to bring it up to date a little.
Author: 1lifetotravel     From: Mumbai (Bombay), India Added: 2 April 2014
Rate: 5    Stayed here on: August 2013

Little choice in Khiva

Stayed one night in August 2013, traveling with a friend.

First, note that there are 2 hotels by the name Malika in Khiva. One is inside the walled city in a most central location, and the other is just outside the walled city. This review is for the hotel inside the walled city.

Second, as you may have already read, the hotels in Uzbekistan are quite basic and there is no such thing as a 5 star or 4 star property. This hotel gets 5 stars because I consider its location, as well as the traditional char-poy style restaurant in its compound, an advantage over other hotels in Khiva. Otherwise Malika Khiva is an okay property with good service.

What to watch out for: Breakfast is basic and disappointing (vegetarians are likely to go hungry!), limited plug points in the room to charge phones/ devices, and as other travelers mentioned, lack of water pressure in bathrooms.
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