Legend of Minaret Kalon

In Central Asia, in what is now known as the country of Uzbekistan, there is a great tower. It is situated in the ancient city of Bukhara. The people call it Minaret Kalon, which translated means, "The Great Tower", but it is also known as the "Tower of Death". There are many legends about the tower. Many people have been executed there as they were pushed to their deaths from the top.

Long ago there was a Shah who had a wife. He was a very cruel man and decided to have her killed by having her pushed from the top of the tower. But she was a very clever woman, and begged of him that he grant her one wish. He agreed and when the day of her death arrived, she put on all her gowns and petticoats.

She climbed to the top of the tower while all the people waited on the square below and watched. When she jumped, it was like a miracle. She didn't die, her dresses parachuted her gently to the earth below.

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