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Dear friends! Welcome to the "Uzbek national house" located at 95, Sagban Str., Tashkent Old City.

Let's begin with a little background. In the early 20th century, this house was built by the son of a famous Tashkent merchant, Mirza-bai, named Akhmadkori Mirzayev, who also became a successful and respected merchant himself. Today, this ancient house is occupied by his son, Dr Murad Rizo, who lives there with his family, as well as hosting guests. Dr Mirzo is a proficient hotel manager. In particular, he has researched the peculiarities of the tourism industry in Uzbekistan and the experience of hotel management in Tashkent and other cities of the country. He has used this knowledge to create his own small hotel, which was eventually recognized as one of the best in Tashkent. This small hotel is the one we would like to invite you to visit.

The Uzbek national guest house is located in the historical center of Tashkent near the famous "Eski Djouva" bazaar, craft workshops, the National Theater, National park, Gallery of Uzbek Costume, House of Children's Art, Tashkent Historical Museum, the tomb of Kaffal Shashi, Barakhan and the Kukeldash madrasas.

In total, the house has 12 large and small rooms, located around an inner garden. There are rooms for 1, 2 or 3 guests.

Rooms are decorated in the national style and enriched with wood engraving. The first room is a small guest hall. It can serve as both a Double or Triple apartment. There are three wonderful wooden cabinets decorated with traditional wood engraving. Two cabinets are used to store books and dishes, and the third can be used as a wardrobe.

Moreover, the guest house has a large hall, excellent for spending a relaxed evening in. Other rooms also have Uzbek-style interiors. A large bed fit for 10-15 people is set out in the inner garden during the warm season.

We sincerely hope that you will appreciate the comfortable guest house of Dr Murad Mirzo, and will choose to stay here during your next trip to Uzbekistan.

Room Type Discounted rates (UZS)*
Single Room 55 000
Double Room 75 000
* Please use currency informer below right pictures site bar to calculate the current rates in US dollars.
  Prices include:
  • Lodging (including short and long-term stay);
  • Guests are provided with traditional Uzbek costumes which they may wear during their stay in the guest house;
  • Traditional Uzbek music, acoustic concert;
  • A lecture on Uzbek traditions.

    Prices exclude:
  • Breakfast.

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    Tashkent (Uzbekistan): (+998 71) 200 96 00/230 96 50

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