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Jipek Joli Address: 29, N. Saraev Str., Nukus city

In a literal translation, Jipek Joli means Silk Road. Jibek Joli Hotel is decorated in Karakalpak national style. The most of rooms in hotel is uniquely decorated in a traditional Karakalpak style. It includes 19 comfortable rooms, with total capacity of more than 30 people: 3 VIP rooms, 12 luxury and 4 Standard rooms.

The Standard rooms are very comfortable equipped with sattelite TV and fans.
The luxury rooms are more comfortable and equipped with sattelite TV and air conditioners.
The VIP rooms are the most comfortable and equipped with sattelite TV, air conditioner, refrigirator and internet connection. An exclusive service is provided for our VIP guests.

Guests have access to computer, Internet and web-camera. Laundry services are provided here as well.

In the morning the guests are treated to a free breakfast. Jipek Joli cafe located in the hotel offers various meals, both national and European.

The Karakalpakstan traditional lifestyle is recreated on the patio. A Karakalpak yurt, bullock-cart, national stove and a small pool are located there. A tasty breakfast and Karakalpak exotic culture makes mornings more cheerful.

There is a wide variety of souvenirs and national clothes available at the hotel. You can also visit the House-museum of Shamuratov's, located near the hotel.

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