Djumagulís guesthouse in Uhum village
Guest House in Farish district of Djizzakh region

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Location: Farish district of Djizzakh region

Owners: Bahrom Kasymov, Djumagul Kasymova
Description: In this house there are three rooms designed for travelers and two tapchans located in the shadow of a big garden. The host of this house, Bahrom-aka, is planning to build the third tapchan with a beautiful view down the valley. Outdoor shower and a village-style toilet are available here. Djumagulís house can accommodate up to eight guests concurrently. Travelers can whether sleep in the house or on a tapchan in the garden.

There are a lot of birds in the garden of the guesthouse; some of them are nesting there. So travelers can enjoy their wonderful pipe while reading a book or drinking green tee, which is the most popular beverage in this region.

In this house as well as in the most guesthouses in the Nuratau region there is no signal from cellular communication operators (there is an opportunity to call by cell phone from a hill if necessary). There is neither television, nor even radio signal available here. The one only source of information is the press, which is normally delivered with a short delay. Bahrom-aka believes this kind of life to be the paradise on Earth. In his opinion people get old faster because of the plenty of information.

Generally speaking the host of this guesthouse is a very cheerful person with incredible charisma. He will always find a way to entertain travelers with local stories and jokes. Here travelers will be living right within a traditional household and have a chance to see the real everyday live of rural Tajik people. Folklore performances can be organized in the evenings.

Jumagulís guesthouse is located near a small mountain river which runs a traditional water mill. Among the others sights of this house is a water pump, which lifts spring water up to the guesthouse without any power consumption.

Easy hiking trails pass by ruins of ancient settlements, a fortress ďKurganĒ, old mosques, rock paintings and lead up to the ďKaraulĒ alp. This place was used as an observation point for local people before. Another possible tour rout is a hike to the next guesthouse, which is located in the village Upper Ukhum. The host, Bahrom, will introduce you with pleasure to the secrets of donkey riding.

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