Porasht guesthouse in Iski Farish village
Guest House in Farish district of Djizzakh region

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Location: Farish district of Djizzakh region

Owners: Habib Turdiev
Description: The guesthouse was established very recently. In 2008 the hosts of this house have the first tourist season. In spite of this fact the strong wish of the hosts to work in the tourism branch and the high level of their willingness guarantee good quality of services in this guesthouse.

In the Porasht guesthouse there are two rooms designed for tourist, and three tapchans in the shady garden of the house. All the fruits and vegetables served for travelers were cultivated in the guesthouse. Outdoor shower and village-style toilet are available. This guesthouse is able to accommodate up to eight travelers simultaneously.

The guesthouse is located not far away from the town Farish, in the Iski Farish village (Old Farish). On the territory of this village cell phone signal is available (MTS cellular communication operator). This house might be a perfect staging post for those travelers who tired of long journey and want to have a rest before going further to the other guesthouses of the Nuratau Mountains or back to the city.

In spite of the fact that Porasht guesthouse is located close to the Farish town, there are many interesting tour routs in this village. Here travelers can visit a beautiful ravine with a mountain river flowing through it and enjoy cold drinking water of its springs; or communicate with hospitable inhabitants of Iski Farish village. There is also an opportunity to visit a farm (about 10 kilometers away from the guesthouse), which also belongs to the hosts. Travelers can get to know with the work of local farmers, watch them producing brynza, cheese, butter, yogurt etc. Traditional handicrafts suzane, pashta are produced in the guesthouse Porasht.

Service type: Price (US $):
Price for accommodation per person including three meals a day 26
Donkey riding (per person) 10
Horse riding (per person) 15
Excursion with guide 18
  • Rates include breakfast;
  • Prices for lunch and dinner treaty.

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