Shiringul’s guesthouse in Hayat village
Guest House in Farish district of Djizzakh region

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Location: Farish district of Djizzakh region

Owners: Parda Musaev, Shiringul Musaeva
Description: Shiringul’s guesthouse has been successfully accommodating travelers for several years. There is everything travelers might need for having a good rest in this house. There are two rooms designed for travelers, one of them is furnished with two beds. Two tapchans are located in the shadow of the garden. Outdoor shower, village-style toilet and even a bathhouse (for using in cold seasons) are available here.

This guesthouse is able to accommodate up to eight guests concurrently.Hosts of this house breed livestock: sheep, caws, goats. Here, as well as in the most guesthouses of Nuratau Mountain, hosts make butter, yogurt and other milk products themselves. Hens provide travelers with fresh eggs. The most dishes offered in the guesthouses are prepared of products raised in the gardens and vegetable gardens of the guesthouses.

Shiringul’s guesthouse is equipped with two satellite antennas, which gives travelers an opportunity to keep up on the latest news and watch their favorite TV shows. There is a hill near the guesthouse, which travelers can call by cell phone from (MTS cellular communication operator only).

There is an enclosure located very close to the guesthouse. The employees of Nuratau State Reserve breed endangered species of wild sheep (Severzov Argali) in artificial conditions here.

Unfortunately it’s forbidden for travelers to visit the enclosure, but interested tourist can watch these unique animals with a binocular s from the hill located near the house.


Day 1: Visit to petroglyphs (rock paintings).

Day 2: Visit to reserve animals.

Day 3: Trip to Lake Aydarkul, fishing, swimming.

Day 4: Visit to 2000-year-old juniper.

Day 5: Drive to village Sintop, showing the old houses, petroglyphs, waterfalls.

The cost of the program: US$ 22 per person for 1 day.


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