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Karakalpakstan :: Nukus city

Nukus — www.geocities.jp/uzbekfriends/index.html
Savitsky museum — www.geocities.jp/uzbekfriends/index.html
Savitsky museum
The center of Nukus — www.geocities.jp/uzbekfriends/index.html
The center of Nukus
Town of Nukus — www.geocities.jp/uzbekfriends/index.html
Town of Nukus
Mini-bazaar — www.geocities.jp/uzbekfriends/index.html
Fresh bread — www.geocities.jp/uzbekfriends/index.html
Fresh bread
Nukus bazaar — www.geocities.jp/uzbekfriends/index.html
Nukus bazaar
lothing store
lothing store
Trade in meat — www.geocities.jp/uzbekfriends/index.html
Trade in meat
	Sweet life! — www.geocities.jp/uzbekfriends/index.html
Sweet life!
Drinks — www.geocities.jp/uzbekfriends/index.html
Handmade Products — www.geocities.jp/uzbekfriends/index.html
Handmade Products
Drapery in Nukus — www.geocities.jp/uzbekfriends/index.html
Drapery in Nukus
Farmer's bazaar
City park
City park
Famous Savitsky museum
Famous Savitsky museum
Local bazaar
Local bazaar
Local bazaar
Local bazaar
New swimming pool
New swimming pool
People of Nukus
People of Nukus
Savitsky museum
Savitsky museum
State museum of local lore
State museum of local lore
The center of Nukus
The center of Nukus
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