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Legal protection of the portal www.OrexCA.com

Avtor.uz logo The portal www.OrexCA.com is under legal protection of Avtor.uz company.

The portal Avtor.uz is the Internet resource devoted to legal protection of intellectual property in Uzbekistan (including electronic content and Internet sites) by revealing and elimination of plagiarism in network.

All materials placed in the portal www.OrexCA.com (texts, photos, videos) are protected by the legislation on copyrights of the Republic of Uzbekistan and belong to LLC "Oriental Express CA" - www.OrexCA.com is included in the Register of sites protected by portal "Avtor.uz".

All the entries in the portal www.OrexCA.com, can be published only with the special written permission of LLC "Oriental Express CA". Monitoring of infringements is performed by law department of the portal Avtor.uz. In case of plagiarism legal measures are taken for elimination of an unauthorized content up to arraignment for authorship conversion according to Article 149 "Infringement of author's or inventive rights" Criminal code of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The legal protection of author's content of the portal www.OrexCA.com extends on following objects of intellectual property:
- Author's text materials;
- Graphic and photographic materials;
- Audio and video materials published in the portal.

The domain name of the portal and program modules are protected by the Republic of Uzbekistan patent right.

The law department of the portal Avtor.ru is in charge of:
1. Preparation of the necessary documentation for web portal protection.
2. Portal registration in the register of protected resources (electronic depositary).
3. Preparation of legal materials and special icon "Portal is under protection".
4. Network monitoring on revealing of cases of plagiarism.
5. Preparation and sending notices to sites of infringers.
6. Taking measures on removal of plagiarism from the site of the infringer, up to switching it off.

The portal "Avtor.uz" ("LLC Interbrand Marketing") is registration of trade marks, electronic depositary of author's works, legal protection of all kinds of intellectual property in the Republic of Uzbekistan (industrial samples, Internet sites, computer programs, database, invention and useful models).

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(+998 71) 150-54-45
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