Uzbek proverbs

If you have peace in your land,
You will have health in your hand.

He, who eats, works,
He, who starves, shirks.

A man is known by his work and hire,
Iron is known by the refining fire.

Never the work for today,
Leave for tomorrow or another day.

For the man of real art,
With seventy skills must take part.

Leave a mother with her child,
And the tulips with the flowers wild.

If you respect someone, you will learn,
That you will have respect in turn.

Good breeding and good grace
Are not sold in the market place.

Shame and guilt and disgrace
Are much harder than death to face.

There is no greater wealth from whence
Come knowledge and intelligence.

Wisdom, so says every sage,
Does not depend on greater age.

A foolish man, as the donkey brays,
Only himself will he praise.

When a father's work is done,
The result is a well-trained son.

When at first you use your mind,
Your words will be better inclined.

Who speaks a little knows a lot,
And when he speaks, it's with great thought.

Spoken words with sweet intention,
Are sweeter than the sweetest confection.

Upon our friends,
Our strength depends.

Cloth, seven times measured with care,
Cut but once without err.

A real man must keep his word,
As every lion's roar is heard.

In one place, a forest scene,
The trees become so very green.

To good men, always stay very near,
From the bad stay far, and fear.

As the sword is held upon your head,
Speak the truth, there is naught to dread.

When you hide your disgrace,
The affliction will show on your face.

If you want respect, as such,
Don't ask from others very much.

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