Karim Bek
Restaurants in Samarkand

Location: 194, Gagarina str., Samarkand

Description: Restaurant Karim Bek opened in 2004, and has already become one of the most popular places in Samarkand.

It has a very good location, at the crossroads of the two main streets of the town, Gagarina and Amir Temur. Famous designers were involved in order to create a stylish design and a harmonious atmosphere of European comfort and oriental generosity.

You have the opportunity to taste an enormous selection of our famous shashlik. Also, our chef is ready to offer you masterpieces of European cuisine and exclusive dishes, such as a delicate chicken fillet stuffed with mushrooms, and baked mutton loin.

Add to all this professional service and a natural and cozy atmosphere, and you will understand the reason why the restaurant Karim Bek is always full of guests.

In our Bar you will be offered the most popular cocktails, many different spirits, many varieties of Uzbek wines, and of course fresh draft beer. You will be astonished by the variety and originality of the different kinds of dishes and snacks.

Here you have the opportunity to enjoy live musical performances on our stage. At ease and in the friendly ambiance you can relax and forget your daily problems.

Cuisine: European, Uzbek
Rates: Standard Breakfast - 3 US$
Standard Lunch - 6 US$
Standard Dinner - 8 US$
Contacts: Tel.: (998 662) 21-27-56
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