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Teahouse-cafe "Oriental sweets" is located at the beginning of well-known pedestrian street of Samarkand - Tashkentskaya, in the center of old city, close to well-known architectural ensemble "Registan". The building of teahouse was constructed at the end of XIX century and in those days was used as a caravan saray, in other words as a hotel for merchants and travelers. The basis of a composition of the caravan-shed is a cozy internal court yard with hudjrs (small rooms, similar on cells), which are bending around it on perimeter.

In the modern name of teahouse "Oriental Sweets" underlies the main purpose of its function: demonstration of process of preparation of various kinds of the national sweets, a well-known Samarkand "lepyoshka" and "samsa" (puff pies with meat) in "tandir" (traditional stove), and at desire of the travelers they can take part in the process of preparation.

The history of oriental sweets counts not one century. Once they were accessible only to sultans or very rich people whose skilful cooks invented various recipes of amazing delicacies. Later these recipes became known also for common people, and gradually the love to east sweets began to extend worldwide. In the Europe exotic delicacies of the far East have appeared nearby XVII-XVIII centuries

In Uzbekistan process of meal differs from the Standard meals, starting form the first dish and finished by a dessert. A remarkable decoration of Uzbek "dastarhan" (table) are sweets and confectionery products. In a tradition tea and some kinds of sweets are offered to guests both before and after a dinner.

The assortment of oriental sweets is very various, and technologies of their preparation are rather different from technologies of usual confectionery products. Depending on a way of the preparation, used ingredients and flavouring properties, oriental sweets can be divided into three basic groups:

  • Flour oriental sweets, such as: liquid halvah "halvaytar", figured pastry "kush-tili", nutlets in sugar "chak-chak", flacky round cake "katlama", rich ball "bugursak";
  • Oriental sweets like soft bonbon, like "behi-dulma" - quince stuffed with nuts, halva, pattys)
  • Oriental sweets of caramel type, such as: sintered sugar "novat", candyfloss from caramel "pashmak", a kiss "nisholda", kandolat, parvarda.

    All this you can try to prepare and taste your own creation over a cup of aromatic tea or exquisite coffee at our hospitable cafe-teahouse "Oriental Sweets ". We invite our guests to visit this amazing world of "Oriental sweets" at any time!

    Address: Tashkentskaya Str., Samarkand

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