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    The best dance show in Samarkand!
Restaurant "Paradise Land, Art-Show Club " was established in 2001, and is located in center of the Great city of Samarkand. Our Restaurant is very popular for family gatherings, meetings with friends and colleagues

Several spacious, comfortable rooms accommodate up to 120 guests; also we have special VIP rooms on the second floor, with magnificent views and equipment for holding presentations.

We offer special rates for tourist groups, corporate parties, family holidays and banquets.

The cuisine of "Paradise Land, Art-Show Club " deserves mention. Traditional Eastern dishes are prepared in a "celebratory" manner. Our chefs are ready to offer you sumptuous dishes of Asian and European cuisine which will not soon be forgotten. Certainly, wine plays an important part in any great dining experience. We are proud to serve wines from the "BAGIZAGAN" winery: "Bagizagan", "Rkacitelli", "Emanuella", "Esmiralda", and "Muscat". The lush and unforgettable taste of "Alyatika", " Qora Marvarid " and " 1001 night ", "Omar Khayyam" and "Mona Lisa " will stir your soul. Truly a magnificent, exotic, Eastern bouquet!

Take pleasure in the unique sensation of a hookah in our restaurant, with an assortment of various fruit-flavored tobacco.

Also, we have 10 dancers who perform Uzbek, Indian, Iranian, Arabian, Russian and Spanish dancing for your entertainment.

Our musicians will play for you favorite Uzbek, Iranian and European songs.

Comfortable simplicity and southern warmth, a joyous atmosphere and tasteful restraint are combined in the restaurant most naturally.

Paradise Land, Art-Show Club is open from 11:00 AM to 2:00 AM.
The Art Menu gallery club - the selected pages of Eastern gourmandise. Like beauties in a harem, here are collected the best dishes of Asian, Uzbek, Caucasian, Armenian, and European cuisine. Without imitation, completely original!

To all visitors of our club will receive a discount of 20% till 6:00 PM in summer and 5:00 PM in winter. In addition to dishes already on our menu, you may special-order various dishes to suit your taste.

  • Preparation time for hot dishes - 30 minutes;
  • Service - 10%;
  • Banquet service - 15%.


    1. Green Schi (cabbage soup)
    2. Solyanka (smoked meat soup with lemons and olives)
    3. Noodle soop with meatballs
    4. Mastava
    5. "Harcho" Soup

    1. Chalagach
    2. Barbecue pork
    3. Barbecue kebab
    4. Barbecue chicken
    5. Barbecue beef
    6. Barbecue mutton

    Beef dishes
    1. Cutlets surprise: chop, oil, eggs
    2. French cutlet: meat, onion, tomatoes, cheese
    3. Beef Milan style: chop, cheese, mushrooms, oil, ham
    4. Beef Arabian style: chop, garlic, soy
    5. Beef with mushrooms
    6. Jiz-biz: fillet steak

    Pork dishes
    1. Italian Pork: pork, mushrooms, tomatoes
    2. Ragou: pork, tomatoes, oil, Bulgarian pepper
    3. Pork Omelette
    4. Steak: pork chop, oil
    5. Imperial cut: pork, sauce, pineapple chunks

    Chicken dishes
    1. Chicken Kiev: chicken fillet, butter, croutons
    2. Chicken Provence: chicken, mushrooms
    3. Thai Chicken: chicken fillet, ham, cheese
    4. Chicken Corsica: chicken, cheese, mushrooms, nuts, ham
    5. Arabian chicken: chicken, honey, nuts
    6. "Paradise" Cutlets: chicken fillet, mince meat, oil
    7. Chahohbili: chicken, tomatoes, green onion
    8. Tobacco Chicken
    9. "Capital" Cutlets: chicken, oil, eggs

    Address: Nodira Begim street 32, Samarkand
    Phone: (+998 66) 221 19 85, (+998 66) 267 40 85

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