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Location: Usmon Nasir Str., Tashkent

About cafe: The capital of Azerbaijan is Baku. Baku means "City of Winds". The country has an interesting history, original culture, and rich national cuisine. Azerbaijani cuisine is closely connected with Iranian, Turkish, and Armenian cuisine.

Azerbaijani cuisine consists of various complicated dishes, among them Khash, Khancal with meat and paste, Dolma with grape leaves, Dushpera, Dovga, and Lyavangi (chicken or fish baked and stuffed with nuts and dried fruit).

The main dish of Azerbaijani cuisine is plov. The dish and its serving has its own traditions: it is served with fire. Plov is cooked from a special kind of rice, named Khan Rice, and is flavored with dried fruit.

The Caspian Sea rewards Azerbaijan with seafood: sturgeon, herring and others. The Cafe offers its guests a variety dishes from fish. There is also an assortment of delicious salads.

Dessert finishes any meal. Dessert can include any of following dishes: mekhri-tea in special Azerbaijani glasses, sherbet, sugar, jam, Bekmez, honey with nuts, almonds, hot chocolate, chocolate coffee (the owner's special preparation), and fruity-alcoholic cocktails.

There is VIP hall decorated in Oriental style in the cafe. Upon clients' order a variety show can be organized. Also, we have special apartments which can be rented for a period of 3 nights or more.

Rates: Standard Lunch - 5 US$
Standard Dinner - 10 US$
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