Uzbek restaurant "Caravan"
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Location: 22, A.Kakhar str, Tashkent

About restaurant: Most people have long come to the understanding that life should be enjoyed in a beautiful way, taking pleasure from contemplating beautiful things, and enjoying exquisite cuisine and genteel service. A few can make these ambitions come true, including a small group of people who have contributed their strength and put their heart and soul into the creation of "Caravan". Among them there are the initiators of the project and its "founding parents": Timur Musin, Natalya Musina and Naima Zufarova, artist Bobur Ismoilov, designer Lola Babaeva and artist Jakhongir Yakubov, who have succeeded in realizing their dream and opening one of the most fashionable and stylish places in the city.

The official opening of "Caravan" took place on August 16, 2001. At that time, it comprised only the art gallery and art cafe named "A coffee house", and the garden. Later, in October of the same year, a small hall was opened; later a bigger and more spacious room was also added, named the "winter hall". In spring 2002, the final changes were made in the "Caravan" restaurant: a new chamber and small, comfortable hall, romantic trestle bed located in the balcony and wittily realized decor of the walls in the garden. All in all, the place is a piece of art and good taste for the pleasure and enjoyment of its visitors and customers.

Art - Gallery: The "Caravan" Art Gallery has been engaged for many years in the promotion of the works of Uzbek craftsmen and designers on the world market. The scope of the Gallery's activity encompasses many directions: famous Uzbek ikat (handmade silk), exclusive collections of clothing from traditional handmade fabrics (silk and cotton) designed by famous modern fashion designers who specialize in this trend, and unique works of painting, graphic art, jewelry, regional varieties of ceramics, and embroideries and souvenirs.

Exclusive dishes:

  • Lavash "Caravan"

  • Fried Pork chops garnished with fruit

  • Eggs stuffed with red caviar

  • Mushrooms stuffed with cheese and olives

  • Meat assorted

    Rates: Standard Breakfast - 10 US$
    Standard Lunch - 15 US$
    Standard Dinner - 20 US$
    Contacts: Tel.: (+998 71) 150 75 55, 150 66 06, 150 39 59
    Fax: (+998 71) 150 99 94
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