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Location: 1b H.Olimjon square, Tashkent

About restaurant: The east... Ancient, bewitching, mysterious... Fairy tales of Scheherazade... The Song of the Indian visitor... Sparkling jewelry... Uzbek hats... And, certainly, fantastic feasts.

The West... New and Old World... The forgotten heroes of the Wild West... The Native land of the real cowboys... Prohibition and gangsters... The time of gang wars and bloody vendettas... And certainly, jazz, country, soul, blues and rock n' roll music.

"The West is the West. The east is the East, never to converge!" - English writer R. Kipling wrote. Having entered the Bar "East/West" you will notice that it absolutely does not agree with this opinion! The combination of refined European style, great service and meals of an exotic eastern flavor will not leave you unsatisfied. It is as if you are traveling in time, in the romantic and mysterious atmosphere of Uzbek and American life and culture in the 30th which mixes various styles and directions. The spirit of a bygone era lives on everywhere in our establishment. In the hall reigns a coziness and warmth which comes from the wooden furniture, brick walls, sets of pictures and photos hanging on the walls, carefully chosen background music complementing the ambiance, and from all that is done with loving care and sincerity.

Not much time has passed from the moment of opening, and "East/West" has become one of the most fashionable bars. Those with important positions in the city come to take a break, see the interesting sights, and engage in thoughtful discussion. The subdued, homey conditions are ideally suited for both romantic encounters and business meetings, or for a roundtable gathering with the company behind a mug of beer. In a word, East/West has become a harbor for people with a good appetite, and who take pleasure in human dialogue.

East/West is a fine opportunity to showcase the talents of those who take a great interest in music and live to play. As, for example, the young musical collective giving visitors to the bar fine jazz, country, soul, blues and rock n' roll accompaniment. You can hang out to the sounds of popular and classical songs, performed by talented musicians in various styles

Our patrons will not be disappointed for a lack of food, because in the bar we prepare dishes with our heart and soul! We will kindly offer you dishes from American, European, and eastern cuisines, at reasonable prices.
In the afternoon you can have a quick dinner or hold a business meeting, and for this we offer a business lunch menu of diverse and tasty dishes.
The cozy hall, delicious and high quality food, friendly staff and reasonable prices are some of the reasons why, having visited once, many guests become our constant companions!

Exclusive dishes:

  • Saltwort

  • "Mexico" chicken

  • "The Orient" mutton

  • "Capricco" chicken

  • Japanese beef in "Chilli" sauce

    Rates: Standard Breakfast - 1,5 US$
    Standard Lunch - 2,8 US$
    Standard Dinner - 5-10 US$
    Contacts: Tel.: (+998 71) 137 22 82
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