Restaurants in Tashkent

Location: 62/2, Yusuf Khos Khodjib str, Tashkent

Exclusive dishes:

Vegetable Firework
(potatoes, red carrot, onion and greens sliced, mixed and deep fried cutlets)

Rolls stuffed with meet
(beef fillet, red carrot, paprika, onion, mushrooms and kidney bean sprouts rolled into the dough and deep fried in vegetable oil)

Beef "Mandarin"
(thin sliced beef fillet fried in vegetable oil with the addition of dried orange peel, vegetables and spices)

Grilled meat with vegetables
(beef or lamp fillet pieces - your choice, grilled with vegetables)

Special 15% discount for all meals and beverages before 16:00 !!!

Contacts: Tel.: (+998 712) 255 86 71
Fax: (+998 71) 252 55 10
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