Cafe Jipek Joly
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Location: 29, N. Saraev Str., Nukus

About the restaurant: If you wish to be plunged into the atmosphere of Karakalpakistan traditions, Jipek Joly cafe opens its doors to you any season of the year with cordial hospitality. The cafe is a part of the exhibition of the House museum of the Shamuratovs. The cafe is situated in the center of a makeshift Karakalpakistan aul (aul means village).

The menu consists of various dishes of Uzbek and European cuisine, and also includes vegetarian food. Hot lepyoshkas ( lepyoshka is an Uzbek traditional bread) taken right from the tandir (special clay oven) attract you with their aroma and delicious flavor.

The cafe looks like an ancient Karakalpakistan village. There are several small clay cabins decorated with items from Uzbek rural family life. You can view on the walls national clothes, music instruments, crockery and other household goods used in the housekeeping of Karakalpakistan families.

According to Karakalpakistan traditions, the hands of guests are cleaned by pouring water from a kuman (copper jug) over lagen (a copper wash basin). On the patio there are straw cabins, where guests can enjoy the open air, and yurts, where you can feel yourself in a real Karakalpakistan house. You can order there both national dishes such as besbarmak, ak-saulak, jugeri gurtik, plov, shaule, manti, and shashlik, or dishes of European cuisine. Our cozy atmosphere and the sound of local music give you an opportunity to get a sense of the real Karakalpakistan.

Contacts: (+998-61) 222-11-00, 222-34-52
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