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When we talk about Jewish cuisine we have in mind a collection of dishes appreciated by Jewish people and distinguished from the dishes of other people. Since Jewish people are scattered around the world, Jewish cuisine has been enriched by having absorbed many dishes of other nationalities. Our suggested dishes will help you to experience the uniqueness of Jewish cuisine at its best.

Special dishes:

One of the most popular is a Forshmak, which is prepared from chopped herring. The word "forshmak" means a foretaste, a meal before the meal.
Forshmak (chopped herring with eggs and apples)

The thick and nourishing soups of Jewish cuisine can be used as a complete meal. Bouillons are very popular and served with baked goods.
Chicken bouillon with mandlex

There are many meat dishes in Jewish cuisine. The most traditional dish is "kugl foon fleish".
"Kungl foon fleish" (boiled chopped meat with white sauce)

Fish is a traditional Jewish meal. Fish is a symbol of fertility, and definitely presented on the table.
Fish fillet baked in a pot

Our modern cooking is rich in a variety of light dessert recipes with a great content of fresh fruit as well as the canned variety.
Spring lemon and peach dessert

These and a great number of other marvelous dishes, simple and more complicated, familiar and not familiar represent the originality of Jewish cuisine. You will certainly appreciate it for its true value.
Bater avon!

Service included in the price.
40 seats.

Contacts: Tel.: (+998 71) 236 27 74, 310 46 15, 101 18 76
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