Neo Night Club (former Sky Club)
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About restaurant: The Neo Night Club (former Sky Club) is the most favored night club venue for dancing and relaxation in the city of Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan. What started out as an ambition became more than a reality, turning into an all out entertainment complex.
We offer a comfortable location with a discreet and secluded environment together with, of course, a superior level of service.

The Neo Night Club is housed in Le Grande Plaza Hotel on 14th floor so to reach the magical heights of a wonderful evening we have helped you a little with our express elevator.
Unlike many clubs with short ceilings and various obstacles hindering your viewing pleasure, The Neo Night Club has no such faults; in fact we strive to make you feel you are in an open space with the sights of the city before you.

Many of our patrons claim that The Neo Night Club has "a unique vibe", which many music enthusiasts just can't seem to find at other clubs.
If the club scene or dance floor is not for you, you will enjoy the laid back atmosphere of our VIP Lounge rooms, where you will be pampered and made to feel a VIP. Piped-in music, straight from the DJ box, luxurious furniture and sumptuous food all make the evening an experience to be remembered. Sip a cocktail or down a shot from our exhaustive range of drinks amongst the stars and clouds of the Neo Night Club.

The design of the club, together with its service and Standards, allow for any birthday or celebration to be easily organized very easily and quickly, with a choice of 3 menus available, in addition to the wonderful cocktails that are on offer.

The Neo Night Club also consists of a restaurant with full-service bar, while the staff and the customers are an international mix of musicians, students, residents and professionals both locals and visitors.

The Neo Night Club first opened its doors on the 22nd of May, 2003 and became an instantaneous hit with residents and visitors alike. Customers were at once attracted to the Neo Night Club and won over by the authentic home cooking and constant hospitality, and the restaurant's unique and electric ambiance to make that evening a special evening.

Come check out our club yourself and unlock the many treasures showcased on stage at The Neo Night Club!

Rates: 5000 after 11 pm
Contacts: Tel.: (+998 71) 120 59 71, 120 59 70
Fax: (+998 71) 120 59 72
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Our contacts:
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