Rural tour to Nuratau Mountains-2
Rural Guesthouses in and soft treks in Nuratau Mountains

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Day 1
- Arrival by bus at 10:30 in Majerum village. The bus drivers return to Yangiqishloq, park the bus at the Tabiati office and stay at the office guest room for free. Group meets local guide at Majerum. Visit arbor vitae, a gigantic old tree with lots of stories related to it (30 minutes). Hike to Sentyab village (4 hours). Luggage transported by taxi to Sentyab. Easy to medium hike. Packed lunch can be carried or transported by donkey.
- Arriving at Sentyab and checking in at one of the three Tabiati Forish guesthouses Rachimas guesthouse, two guestrooms, owner Gulmurod Zarifullaev, Muhlimas guesthouse, three huge guestrooms, owner Mirolim Hamroyev, Maysaras guesthouse, two guestrooms, owner Maysara Bozorova.
- The guests can take a short walk through the village and surrounding areas. The village tour includes visiting ancient ruins.
- Supper at respective guesthouse at 19:00.

Day 2
- Breakfast 7:00 - 7:30.
- 8:00 departure from the Sentyab village, hike along a good path to the mountain pass (1516 m, 3 hours hike). Spectacular view of Sentyab village, the river canyon, the peaks of Nuratau mountains and Lake Aydar. 2 hours lunch break. Return to Sentyab village (arrival at 16:00). The guests will get introduced to the life and daily activities of local Tajik people. Supper at respective guesthouse at 19:00.
- For fit hikers, the tour can be prolonged for 1:30 hours to the mountain lake Fazilman (1640 m). At a shepherd's hut a lunch break is planned. A different route will be taken on the way back (3 hours 30 minutes to Sentyab village). Arrival at 17:00 at Sentyab village.

Day 3
- 8:00 - 9:00 breakfast at the respective guesthouse.
- By taxi or minibus (depending on the group size) to Lake Aydar.
- Arrival 10:15 swimming, a walk along the lake shore, bird watching or motor boat hire.
- 12:00 to 12:30 drive to Otaqurgon.
- 12:30 to 14:00 lunch at Otaqurgon guest yurts. Departure for other destinations.

Rates: VAT Free
Price list per person/ day
Service type: Price (US $):
Bed and breakfast 15
Lunch or Lunch pack 3
Supper 4
Donkey hire 5
Horse hire 10
Guide per group/day 12

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