Trekking offers by Tabiati Forish community
Rural Guesthouses in and soft treks in Nuratau Mountains

The Nuratau Mountains are a great destination for mountain hiking and for getting to know the life of the rural people.

  • As the paths are not sign marked, it is advisable to be accompanied by a mountain guide.
  • The best time for tours is: March to May or August to the first week of November.
  • Difficulty of hikes: low-medium.
  • In Sentyab and Hayat we are able to accommodate and cater for groups up to 16 people.
  • In the guesthouses in Eski Forish, Asraf and Uhum groups up to 8 people can be accommodated.
  • In summer guests have the choice to sleep on the tapchans in the gardens or in the guestrooms. When it is hot, this is a very popular option. People are not troubled by biting insects.
  • Depending on the time of arrival, the interest and the physical fitness of the guests routes can be tailored accordingly. From all guesthouses short one to three hour hikes can be undertaken into the mountains to visit waterfalls, petroglyphs, ancient ruins or simply to enjoy the flora and fauna and the stunning views.
  • Many guests, who have been through a very intense cultural program, enjoy a less rigid schedule. For half a day they like to rest on a tapchan under a shady walnut tree. A lot of our visitors are interested in participating or watching the traditional cooking practices (tandir ovens and open fire cooking) and learn about the land use practices and the livelihood activities of the villagers (drying of cow dung as fuel, harvesting and preserving of fruits, silk worm raring in spring). So it might be opportune to plan only half day hikes and leave the rest of the day at the disposal of the guests.
  • Traditional musicians are available in every village and can be asked to perform on request.
  • Tabiati Forish needs to inform the guest yurts owner at least one week in advance to arrange for a Kupkari game. In late autumn, the games take place almost every weekend.

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