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"Азия Хива" Адрес: г. Хива, ул. Якубова

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Автор: Эльвира Х     Откуда: Уфа, Россия Дата добавления: 1 ноября 2014
Оценка: 5    Был(а) здесь: октябрь 2014

достаточно хорошее место

Отличная гостиница, ввиду своего удобного расположения к Ичан-Кале. Персонал очень добродушный, чистота в гостинице на хорошем уровне, много необходимых дополнительных услуг. к тому же необходимо учесть наличие беспроводного интернета. Завтрак вполне плотный и вкусный. В номерах есть все необходимое!
Автор: Allynka_Sh     Откуда: Санкт-Петербург, Россия Дата добавления: 27 сентября 2014
Оценка: 5    Был(а) здесь: сентябрь 2014

Идеальное место

Самый лучший отель Хивы: новый, расположен прямо у стены старого города, у Южных ворот, так что идеален для туристов. Помимо стандартного набора в отеле есть WiFi, бассейн, сауна и бар у бассейна. Номера большие, чистые, многие с балконом. Завтрах хороший, с большим выбором местных блюд.
Автор: Slowwhite     Откуда: Balmain, Australia Дата добавления: 16 декабря 2014
Оценка: 4    Был(а) здесь: сентябрь 2014

Great location

We stayed out the back near the entrance from the new town to the old town. It was quiet and I enjoyed the night sounds of animals. Rooms OK, but bed was hard and I had trouble finding a pillow that didn't feel like a brick. Breakfast included was OK but they ran low on items quite often and take time to refill. Ate out for dinner so couldn't comment.

Wi-Fi isn't very good. Swimming pool was nice and looked clean even though it was heavily used. Location is perfect for your touring of the walled city which is fabulous.
Автор: Alan B     Откуда: Manalapan, New Jersey Дата добавления: 8 ноября 2014
Оценка: 3    Был(а) здесь: октябрь 2014

Nothing Special But Well Located

Located just outside a gate to the old city, this hotel offers simple rooms with few amenities. The rooms are a nice size. The food is fare both for breakfast and dinner. They cater to tourists and make little effort to attract repeat business by upgrading their offerings. Wi fi is in the lobby only and does not work all the time.
Автор: weberwest     Откуда: Bellingham, Washington Дата добавления: 30 октября 2014
Оценка: 4    Был(а) здесь: сентябрь 2014

A Hotel Oasis at the gates to Khiva

Located within 2 minutes from the West Gate to the old city of Khiva. Medium-sized main lobby with two sets of sofa/chair clusters with low tables (important for the free wifi access that works well only at the reception). Good sized swimming pool in the pleasant central garden area.
My room was in one of the adjacent non-connected 2-storey buildings, no elevators but comfortable stairs. Large nicely carpeted room with 2 single beds, good glass-topped desk but no power supply, I had to unplug the TV to work at the desk. Suggest that the hotel place a power bar at the desk. One additional power outlet by the bed and another one at the entrance door. Fairly bright lighting in the room, but there should be a light at the desk and another at the luggage station. Very good sleep quality despite the rather hard bed.
Tiled, very bright bathroom with only a tiny shelf above the sink. Curtained tub/shower, realatively weak waterflow, which is acceptable in this desert location. The bathroom light is connected to the exhaust fan, so if the light is on in the bathroom, the fan will annoyingly run the entire night.
Good and varied breakfast. OK dinner buffet. Overall a good and enjoyable stay.
Автор: Bobikyan     Откуда: Manchester Дата добавления: 25 октября 2014
Оценка: 3    Был(а) здесь: октябрь 2014


This hotel has a great potential to become a great place but not as yet.
Location is perfect indeed with
Panoramic view from my balcony
To the gates of the city .
Staff is doing its best but they simply don't know better so they need time and training .
Restaurant is 3 star that's being very generous .

The hotel has good potential to become a good hotel .
the location is perfect and the panoramic view is pretty impressive. Swimming pool area very nice and relaxing .
I totally recommend this hotel since its the only one in the area
Of its standard.
Автор: ibizaluz     Откуда: Ibiza, Spain Дата добавления: 23 октября 2014
Оценка: 3    Был(а) здесь: октябрь 2014

Kitsch, but friendly

We stayed at this hotel for two nights. Believe me, it was the most luxurious choice in town with their own swimming pool, bar, and walking distance the fantastic town of Khiva. Tourism is starting in Uzbekist?n, so of course they still have a bit to learn about decor. The decor is totally kitsch. It is so kitsch it is funny! But don?t let that influence you. The service was lovely, the food was good, the rooms where clean, the sheets, beds and pillowcases where super confy! Hot w?ter took a long time to come, but it did. The receptionist was a lovely young man, with an incredible English who was sweet and curious to know more about the tourists visiting.

There is no wifi in the bedrooms. But this was true for every hotel we stayed in Tashkent, Bukhara and Samarkand.

I recommend the place for its proximity to this beautiful town and for the creature conforts they provide. We visited in October and the weather was fantastic and there was no need for the pool, but during the summer it will be an added plus!
Автор: Gil_750     Откуда: Paris, France Дата добавления: 12 июля 2014
Оценка: 4    Был(а) здесь: май 2014

very good location nd quiet

The hotel is facing one of the door of the Old city so you can visit by feet
good service a garden nd a pool to relax food is local nd some international
good breakfast even is it seems a bit packed when large group are hosted
Автор: bluechicory     Откуда: Toronto, Canada Дата добавления: 22 июля 2014
Оценка: 4    Был(а) здесь: октябрь 2013

location, location, location

Best feature of this hotel is the location, just outside the city walls. This makes it a quiet place to sleep until the cocks crow in the morning and you watch the sun come up over the city walls of Khiva. It is not luxurious, but the low rise courtyard layout gives it a local flavour. The central restaurant has uzbek style divans on the roomy covered patio where you can dine (simply) like a native Uzbek. Wifi in the lobby only, but- hey- I like to live in the ancient moment when visiting such a gem of an ancient city as Khiva. Clean bed, clean bathroom, friendly staff. Pool is not heated, so refreshing in the summer but a visual ornament at all other times.
Автор: AbbintheATL     Откуда: Atlanta, Georgia Дата добавления: 17 сентября 2014
Оценка: 4    Был(а) здесь: август 2014

Great location, decent hotel

Location is the big selling point for this hotel - it is just outside the West gate of Old Khiva and it's scenic walls. The hotel is fine, comfortable enough beds, clean rooms, wifi in the lobby, and an adequate breakfast buffet.
Автор: HKA_888     Откуда: Hong Kong, China Дата добавления: 13 октября 2014
Оценка: 4    Был(а) здесь: октябрь 2014

Good Location

Location is just outside the south gate of the old city so you can just walk out of the hotel and walk across the street to get enter into the old city. Hotel is good enough but definitely not great. However, given the limited choice of hotel around I think this is not a bad option either. Breakfast is medicore but since no great expectation it is again good enough.
Автор: Andrey974     Откуда: Москва, Россия Дата добавления: 24 января 2014
Оценка: 5    Был(а) здесь: январь 2014

Благодарность владельцам и персоналу отеля.

Спасибо владельцам и всему персоналу отеля "Азия Хива" за отличное обслуживание. Замечательный номер, отличные и вкусные завтраки и обеды, а также своевременное и качественное техническое обслуживание. Особая благодарность официанту Дастану, администратору Алишеру и женщинам, осуществляющим техническое обслуживание (забыл, как их зовут).
Автор: vehxf     Откуда: Москва, Россия Дата добавления: 16 мая 2014
Оценка: 5    Был(а) здесь: апрель 2014

Сочетание лучшего города, отеля и отдыха!

Когда ночью подъезжаешь к отелю, слева, вид из окна завораживает т.к. видны очертания башни крепости. Утром, из окон гостиницы просматривается древний город, и всё в шаговой доступности. Гостиничный комплекс огорожен забором и напоминает пионерский лагерь с двухэтажными корпусами где каждый найдет себе досуг :) В номерах чисто и есть всё необходимое. Один из важных критериев для туриста это... завтраки :) они там сытные, вкусные! В Хиву точно ещё приеду!
Автор: Dominga89     Откуда: Рио-де-жанейро, Бразилия Дата добавления: 16 июля 2014
Оценка: 5    Был(а) здесь: июнь 2014

Очень хорошее место

Хорошее место, нравится бассейн, номера, ресторан большой, красивый, только из-за рамадана никого не было из посетителей. Сейф на ресепшн. Завтрак простенький, но персонал очень вежливый. Территория отеля великолепна, а город неописуемо красив.
Автор: lovetotravelMcLeanVA     Откуда: McLean, VA Дата добавления: 4 июня 2014
Оценка: 4    Был(а) здесь: май 2014

Location is outside of the walled city

The hotel is not within the old city inner walls but rather by the south gate. You then walked through some unpaved dirt streets to get to the center of the old city. Tour groups were put on their bus and driven to the front of the old city and walked then down the paved paths.
Internet was very slow and only in the lobby. We were thankful that we were able to get the AC working to a certain satisfactory level.
The beds were soft and when you sat down they slide backwards which is not something we had encountered before. This hotel is set up for tour groups and if we were to go back again I would look for a hotel within the old city walls.
Автор: SecretTourister     Откуда: Chicago, Illinois Дата добавления: 4 мая 2014
Оценка: 4    Был(а) здесь: май 2014

Well Located Hotel

The hotel has the best location to the historic old town. It is about a one minute walk away. The reception desk is friendly and helpful. The hotel is divided into several two level blocks. The bed and the bathroom are clean. One has to wait for the water to run for about 2 minutes before a hot shower; minor problem in my view. Also, the bathroom floor tends to flood after a shower; also a minor problem. The restaurant has adequate buffet styled hot breakfast and dinner. Overall, the staff and their service makes up for the minor inconveniences. Good value!
Автор: gtk27     Откуда: london Дата добавления: 28 мая 2014
Оценка: 2    Был(а) здесь: апрель 2014

Not a great place but good location

This hotel is basic.
The buffet breakfast did not have a lot if choice. Cold milk was unavailable.
Rooms are located in different blocks. We were in block B wich was not more than two star.
The location is great as it is jst opposite the old city wall.
Wifi only available in lobby and then intermittently.
Автор: Chris Z     Откуда: London, United Kingdom Дата добавления: 30 января 2014
Оценка: 4    Был(а) здесь: январь 2014

Comfortable property

Very friendly and helpful staff, always someone speaking English.
Free wifi in the lobby area. The breakfast is good, need to set the time with reception, which makes it somewhat time consuming in the morning, the choice is varied every day. Good choice of meals for diner in nearby restaurant.
Our room had shower. Room was clean. I had a nice view to city walls
Very close to the center, you can return to the hotel on foot
Автор: Andrey974     Откуда: Москва, Россия Дата добавления: 24 января 2014
Оценка: 5    Был(а) здесь: январь 2014

Благодарность владельцам и персоналу отеля

Спасибо владельцам и всему персоналу отеля "Азия Хива" за отличное обслуживание. Замечательный номер, отличные и вкусные завтраки и обеды, а также своевременное и качественное техническое обслуживание. Особая благодарность официанту Дастану, администратору Алишеру и женщинам, осуществляющим техническое обслуживание (забыл, как их зовут).
Автор: oddwomanout     Откуда: London Дата добавления: 28 апреля 2012
Оценка: 4    Был(а) здесь: апрель 2012

A satisfactory visit but not four star

This hotel is just outside the southern gate of the inner old town (Ichon Kala) of Khiva which is very convenient. You can walk into the town, but you would need a torch after dark.
It is a modern hotel with a swimming pool (not in use when I was there) and a pleasant bar in the courtyard. The rooms are furnished in an old fashioned style but they are spacious and comfortable. Very quiet at night.
The bathroom did not feel so modern however. The showerhead was high up on the wall and the sliding bar to which it should have been attached was broken, This meant that when you turned on the shower, you could easily flood the whole bathroom. As well, the water was not always hot.
The buffet breakfast was fine and there was little to complain about.
The staff were friendly and smiling. The chambermaids were shy and dressed in pink uniforms and the reception staff were willing to help you buy stamps for your postcards though with a small mark up. Tea and drinks ordered in the lobby appeared quickly.
Be careful on the tiled stairs though as where they change direction it is easy to lose your footing.
Автор: Марианна     Откуда: Россия, Санкт-Петербург Дата добавления: 22 октября 2011
Оценка: 5    Был(а) здесь: июль 2011

Все условия для отдыхающих

В гостинице останавливались всей семьей и остались очень довольны. Уютные номера, чистота везде и аккуратный персонал. Обязательно остановимся здесь в следующий раз.
Автор: arrahman74     Откуда: Pakistan Дата добавления: 23 августа 2011
Оценка: 4    Был(а) здесь: июль 2011

The best in Khiva

This is simply the best hotel in Khiva. Most travelers stay 1 night in Khiva and thus this (relatively expensive) place is not a real burden on the budget.
This is probably the only hotel in Khiva with a swimming pool. Rooms are nice and the restaurant is also good and economical.
Mini bar is a bit expensive, try to avoid it.
Автор: pattayainsider     Откуда: Pattaya, Thailand Дата добавления: 3 ноября 2010
Оценка: 4    Был(а) здесь: ноябрь 2010

Decent choice in Khiva

I stayed here one night. The room was very large, had air conditioning and was clean. The bathroom had a few caulk issues. THe breakfast was really good. THe pool looked nice but i didn't use it. The staff were friendly and spoke some english. there is a business center with internet that worked fine. The location seemed ok to me, a few minutes walk into old Khiva, nice view of the walls from some rooms. There was only warm water in the early morning, not at night. No real shops nearby to walk to.
Автор: Vitalii777     Откуда: Ростов-на-Дону, Россия Дата добавления: 30 ноября -0001
Оценка: 5    Был(а) здесь: май 2013

Отличный отель рядом со стенами древнего города!

Отель очень цивильный. Номера аккуратные и чистые. В первый день моего приезда (дело было в мае месяце), был небольшой дождь. Местные сказали, что это такое бывает очень редко! Из отеля до стен древнего города 100 метров ходьбы. Очень удобное расположение отеля. Интернет ловит только на рецепшене в главном корпусе. Питание разнообразное- много и восточных сладостей и европейской кухни. Очень соленая вода в городе! Поэтому, без сахара пить чай практически невозможно! Отель оставил очень приятные впечатления и заложил фундамент хорошего настроения от поездки по городам Узбекистана! Единственный минус- в отеле маленький конференц-зал.
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