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New Bukhara (now Kagan) - is a railroad settlement which was built 16 kilometers away from Bukhara for servicing the station of Transcaspian Railway, which was built there in 1887. At the same time the so called "Political Agency" was located in Kagan, it was a special organization for diplomatic affairs between the Russian Empire and the Bukhara Emirate. The residence for this agency was built in Kagan in 1892.

In the old Bukhara there were no European buildings except a couple constructions (banks and post offices). But new Bukhara had only European buildings in the traditional Turkestan style. The only difference of the local constructions was a flat roof and no attic in a building; the reason is the lack of precipitation in the region.

The most remarkable building of the new Bukhara is the Emirs of Bukhara Road Palace in Kagan - now the Palace of Culture of Railroaders. The Palace was built by both Bukhara and Russian craftsmen by the order of Emir Seyid Abd-al-Akhad in the beginning of 20th century in preparation of the arrival of the Russian Emperor to Turkestan. The building has a complex planning and a composition giving the same visual perception from any sides.

The base of the palace is the big gala rooms located along the axes. Both the palace exterior and interior were decorated in different styles; specialists distinguish the elements of the Modernist style, the Moresque and the Pseudo-Russian architecture, as well as local elements and the Arabian epigraphy. Bukhara builders (the author of the project is unknown) were able to create an uncommon architectural monument with new for this region construction decisions. The other organizations of the new Bukhara are the division of state bank, the custom house, traders, hotel "Europe" that were quartered in the inexpressive buildings.

Text by Boris Golender

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    The Emirs of Bukhara Road Palace in Kagan
    The Emirs of Bukhara Road Palace in Kagan
    The Emirs of Bukhara Road Palace in Kagan
    The Emirs of Bukhara Road Palace in Kagan
    The Emirs of Bukhara Road Palace in Kagan


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