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Orient Star Kuk-Serai (formerly "Afrosiab Palace") Hotel  
Hotels in Samarkand

Orient Star Kuk-Serai (formerly "Afrosiab Palace") Address: 2, Registanskaya Str., Samarkand city

Orient Star Kuk-Serai Hotel is located in the center of the city, near architectural monuments and tourist attractions, as well as the city's administrative offices, in 2 minutes walk from Registan square.

Orient Star Kuk-Serai Hotel is the largest hotel in Samarkand. The hotel features grand buildings of different architectural styles and techniques, surrounded by gardens facing the grandiose Gur Amir Mausoleum and Registan Square. The hotel's distinctive charm and welcoming hospitality will ensure that all visitors experience unparalleled warmth and service.

Voltage: 220Vt. 50 Hz AC (continental European type).
Check in time: 24 hours.
Check out time: 12 p.m.
No pets allowed.
Minimum stay is 12 hours.

Restaurants and bars of hotel offer European, Uzbek and Korean cuisine, as well as large variety of soft and alcoholic drinks.

Working hours:

  • Night bar - 21:00-03:00;
  • Expresso bar - 09:00-23:00;
  • Muzey bar - 11:00-00:00;
  • Randevu - 18:00-00:00.

Telephone, Fax, Email, Xerox, Post Office, Business Interpretation, Scanning, and Computer Rental are available in our Business Center.

An outdoor heated swimming pool is free of charge for clients of the hotel. Also hotel has a sauna and massage room.

Souvenir Shop, located in the lobby on the way to the Museum Bar, offers a diverse array of oriental souvenirs, carpets, embroideries and handicrafts.

You can exchange foreign currency into Uzbek "Sum" at the Exchange Office located in the lobby.

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