Museums of Samarkand
List and details of the most interesting Samarkand museums

Samarkand Museum of History Samarkand Museum of History >>>
The museum is situated on the site of the ancient settlement of Afrasiab, on the road leading from the mosque of Hazret-Hyzr to the bridge across the Siab river. The museum displays exhibits illustrating the various periods of the city's ancient history: ossuaries, fragments of ancient swords, knifes, arrows, coins, ceramics and unique frescos from the 7-8th century palace of the Ihshid of Samarkand...
The Samarkand Museum of History and Art of the Uzbek People The Samarkand Museum of History and Art of the Uzbek People >>>
The The Samarkand Museum of History and Art of the Uzbek People and Art of the Uzbek People is one of the oldest and largest museums in Central Asia. It was opened in 1896 and is situated since 1978 in a separate building next to the Reqistan square. The museum houses around 200,000 exhibits, including collections of archeology, numismatics, ethnography, manuscripts and historical documents...
Samarkand Picture Gallery Samarkand Picture Gallery >>>
The fine art collection of the Samarkand Museum of History and Art consists of about 4,000 paintings, graphic works and sculptures. The exhibits include works by well-known Russian artists such as Alexander Nikolaev, better known as Usto Mumin, as well as Boore, Dudin, Karazin, Nikitin and Vereshaghin, whose works depict the history and life of the people of Central Asia...
Samarkand Regional Museum of Local Lore Samarkand Regional Museum of Local Lore >>>
A private residence dating from the beginning of 20th century is characteristic architectural monument of the new city founded after the Russian conquest of Samarkand. It was designed by the architect E.Nelle for a merchant of the first guild Abram Kalantarov. In 1981 it became the home of the Regional Museum of Local Lore and a rich historical exhibition. The interior decoration of the building combines the European and Central Asian styles...
Home-museum of Sadriddin Aini Home-museum of Sadriddin Aini
The writer's two studies in the house have been preserved. He worked in the first one from 1923 to 1937. It was here that he wrote his long and short stories "Odina", "The Slave-Grandfather", "The Old School", "The Pawnbroker's Death", and the novels "Dokhunda", "Slaves" and other. He wrote "Yatim", "The Hero of Tajik People Temurmalik"...
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