"Sanvikt" Research Center for Disabled Children

Each person, coming into this world, receives his inherent, unique talent as a gift of life. The issue is whether these gentle sprouts of their talents will fall upon fertile ground. And all this depends on us, parents, instructors and the public, whose heart is capable of responding to the call of children. We shall not forget that there are children who especially require our awareness, those who have had to overcome serious illnesses since their birth. These "limited opportunities" are difficult to imagine for a healthy person, how much mental anguish and physical pain can be endured. To overcome this pain, courage and will power to which even glorified champions can envy are necessary. But to make the courage of these children bear fruit, the help of adults is essential for them. The "Sanvikt" Research Center for Disabled Children has been created with the aim of making children with limited opportunities believe in themselves, and become highly functional, independent people with strong personalities. And we also want to present to all of you that light that shines in their pure souls.

"Be quick to create compassion" - the employees of "Sanvikt" repeat and follow this motto first of all. The center was founded in 1999 by Gulsara Radjapova, a well known artist member of the Academy of arts of Uzbekistan, to help disabled children. A woman with an obstinate character - that's what G. Radjapova can be called. She does not search for the easy path in life. In art she has by no means chosen an un-feminine identity, having disdained gentle watercolors and refined graphics for heavy work with metal and stone. And, having achieved popularity instead of reaping its rewards, she has left all her habitual occupations behind for the sake of her tireless social mission to help children with limited opportunities. The niece of the famous Uzbek artist, academician Kasym Mirzarahimov, who has proven that it is possible to create masterpieces, even being chained to her bed, Gulsara Radjapova knows better than many others what inexhaustible spiritual forces are hidden in those whom we name disabled.

To enlighten the world of the intellectual and spiritual wealth of children with limited opportunities, to help them to join the variety, beauty and brilliance of life, has become her treasured purpose and main vision. A dream with the name of "Sanvikt".

The path to the creation of the center was not easy, but she has managed to overcome all the difficulties, and the center is currently operating, involving greater numbers of new talents. Here, everyone is welcomed, but special attention is given to children, orphans, pupils of houses of mercy and specialized boarding schools. However, the doors of the center are open to everyone, healthy children included, as without co-education it's not possible to solve the problem of the adaptation of disabled children to daily life. For "normal" children this is a precious opportunity to learn compassion, to overcome deep-rooted prejudices and to look at the world more openly.

Children from five to seventeen come to "Sanvikt". It may seem surprising, but between them there are no age barriers, and they are uncommonly friendly, sociable and open. They study together, celebrate holidays and birthdays, and worry for those to whom the honor to represent the center at republican and international exhibitions has appeared. You might not believe it, but here there is no concept of childrens' jealousy: in "Sanvikt", certainly, the philosophy is "one for all and all for one". How it is possible? It is owing to the teachers, people not only talented, but also completely non self-interested. All the activities of "Sanvikt" are built on social principles, so everyone who is engaged in work with children appreciates spiritual wealth much more than transitory benefit. And this noble spirit is sensitively perceived by the pupils of "Sanvikt".

One pleasant fact: Known artists with huge creative experience and glory not only within the limits of Uzbekistan, but also abroad, are responding to the offer of Gulsara Radjapova to help disabled children in their creative development. To name Akmal Nur is enough. Tenderness is also peculiar to the young generation: students of the Institute of Arts teach in "Sanvikt". And, as Gulsara Radjapova admits, "the center simply would not exist, if not for Avazkhon", her husband Avazkhon Radjapov, by whose golden hands both the interior and appearance of the building of the center were developed for the second time. The selfless work of adults gratefully corresponds to the bright, uncommon talent of children. The number of prestigious exhibitions in which the pupils of "Sanvikt" have participated has risen already to twenty. It is possible to consider as a huge achievement of the center that its pupils can enter the prestigious educational institutions of the republic. Rustam Babadjanov - a sixteen year old boy who has become the first of them, has entered the Art College named after Bekhzod. The boy has shown uncommon courage, having overcome the difficulties connected with abnormal development of the musculoskeletal system. "It is pleasant to draw people and animals", Rustam says of his tastes. "To transmit character, to catch movement - it's interesting for me." The treasured dream of Rustam is to learn the art of computer animation. Another student of "Sanvikt", Maftuna Rakhmatova, has entered the Lyceum of fine arts.

Each child who arrives here is really the whole world expressed in colors.

Address of the Research Center for Disabled Children "Sanvikt":
Address of new building: 1st passage of M. Ashrafi Str., 64, Tashkent city.
Contact phone: (+998 71) 199-82-43/121-68-24
e-mail: sanvikt@yahoo.com
web-site: www.sanvikt1.sk.uz

Bank account:
Account: 20208000803898541001
IDN: 202579324
Bank code (MFO): 00873
Yunusabad district filial UzJSB, Tashkent city


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