Sauna Sherdor in Samarkand
Oriental spa. Relaxation and Health

Location: 91, M. Koshgari Str., Samarkand
Description: A visit to the sauna improves your state of health, physical strength and state of mind and is also very enjoyable. Sauna helps you to relax, calm your self, and find physical and emotional relief. Regular visits to a sauna reinvigorate your life strength, help you struggle against stresses and inspire you with energy and vivacity.

Sherdor Sauna is situated in the courtyard of the Sherdor Hotel in a two-story building. The ground floor is occupied by the sauna and its facilities: a restroom, sweating-room, massage room, shower cabins, and a small swimming pool. Here visitors also can obtain all the necessary things for sauna: slippers, towels, special hats.

Steaming and feeling the contrast of the relaxing warmth of a Finnish sauna and the invigorating cool of a swimming pool; you will be able to relax in the rest room. Here you can drink some mineral water or herbal tea. You can watch TV or just chat with friends.

The sauna can be visited only guests of the hotel. You will have a good time here; enjoy the comfort and be inspired with energy for the days to come. On the first floor of the building is a summer cafe, where you can enjoy a summer evening in a good atmosphere.

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