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Uzbekistan. Naturally Irresistible!

Welcome to Uzbekistan - an oasis of peace and tranquility, to the country, where ancient history and modern culture converge and compactly concentrated untouched architectural and cultural heritage of the peoples of Central Asia.

Ancient and perfectly preserved towns of Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and Shakhrisabz with hundreds of architectural monuments of various epochs are known around the world and continue to fascinate guests with its architecture and naturalness. Complete civilizations built with the fine embroidery-like quality of human labour in its greatest and most splendid form; every brick is a piece of art; each mosaic is a brush stroke, a stitch; and every moment here, a thread in this weave. As a whole, it is dazzling… If places took a breath away, people’s warmth has here making everybody commit to his or her own rebirth and resurgence, like a mythical bird that transforms itself to live with new plenitude. No wonder it is Uzbekistan's National symbol.

Uzbekistan is the highlight in Central Asia and an ideal hub to the Great Silk Road.

We invite You to make a magical journey in this amazing country and be our Guest!