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Turkmenistan - Discover Undiscovered!

The ancient land of Turkmenistan has a truly unique natural treasures: the Kara-Kum desert - one of the largest sand deserts in the world, canyons of the Ustyurt Plateau, the underground lake Kov Ata with warm hydrosulfide water, Kugitang caves with the lakes of blind fishes, a plateau of dinosaurs, the age more than 200 million years old with traces of the giant reptiles in the cooled down lava of prehistoric volcano - the list goes on and on.

In addition to natural attractions, Turkmenistan draws Guests with a real pantry of unique cultural and historical values. Outstanding historical heritage and artifacts of one of the first civilizations in human history: the country of Margush in the Mari province, proud royal tombs and the remains of the medieval cities - the necropolis of Sultan Sanjar at Merv, the debris of the lost city Dekhistan on the Mashad-Missarian plateau.

Only here, during a fascinating Turkmenistan travel You can really feel like a pioneer, trailblazer and archeologist, and Akhal-Teke horse riding or jeep safari in desert will stay in memory as one of life's Golden Moments!